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October 31, 20/20

Happy Halloween!

Turn Your Clocks Back Day!

October Last!

Now that I've gotten the niceties out of the way, Let me just say that I made some oatmeal this morning in honor of the temperature outside being only 39F when we awoke. I had bought Steel Cut Oats, thinking that they wouldn't have even a hint of gluten that stone ground oats are liable to have, depending on what grain was ground prior to the oats. We were both quite disappointed with the texture, for the oats weren't ground, but cliced into tiny cubes, As such, though they did get creamy, they didn't get soft, but remained al dente, which proved to be unpleasant to our mouths. I have been picking oat bits out of my teeth all day. Next time I'll look for gluten free rolled oats. I see they even have extra thick ones.

Other than that, we've had a very restful day. We hope you had the same, and will see you next month.

October 30, 20/20

It was 50 degrees outside, this morning, and the wind was brisk. I didn't stand out on the porch for very long before the chill set in. That was at 9AM.

An hour later, I drove Becky to the Allergy Partners only to find that the appointment that she had been told two days ago was scheduled was, infact, not on the schedule. How could they lose an appointment in just two days? To drown our sorrows, we stopped at Starbucks on the way home.

October 29, 20/20

This morning, right around 7AM, the winds arose and the rains came as Tropical Storm Zeta sped across Western NC. The storm peeked at about 9AM, and by 11AM, well, let's just say that Zeta Ate a Potatuh. It was gone, and by noon, Zeta was in Virginia, well on its way toward the North-Northeast.

In honor of Zeta, then, Becky and I watched the movie, The Great and Powerful Oz! "Zim zalabim!" 

October 28, 20/20

Having already voted early, Becky and I, I'm amazed at the number of political ads we've been getting in the mail. Naturally, I have been puting them through the shredder as they arrive. Today there were 14 large, heavy card stock, glossy ads to tell us to vote for this one or that, or maybe that we "should have voted" for them. They're just spitting in the wind, though. Other than filling up my paper shredder, they have no impact on me.

October 27, 20/20

First thing this morning, I paid a visit to the Urologist. My BP was low (97/68), but since I wasn't dizzy or drowsy they let it go. The phlebotomist then drew blood for a PSA test, and for the first time since I was 19 years old, the needle hurt my arm. I fullt expected to find a huge bruise when I removed the compress, but there was none, so I don't even have evidence of being hurt! The doctor pronounced my prostate normal after palpation, then we discussed my urinary difficulties, and he recommended getting scoped with the trans-urethral camera to see if there were any blockages evident, which will be done in November on Friday the 13th. Fortunately for me, the doctor's name is not Jason! After he does the visual exam, he will either say everything it good and I don't need a procedure, or he will recommend either a Urolift (which ties back the sides of the prostate to increase the urethra) or Rezum (Steam treatment to resect part of the prostate to enlarge the urethra), either of which can be done at the same time, and is an in-office procedure (though a driver is recommended for either). So far, though, no cancer has been detected, though the results of today's blood-letting are still forthcoming.

I got a bit creative, today, and made a pumpkin pie. I had all the ingredients, except for evaporated milk, so I had to go to the store to get some (along with four bags of things that Becky - and I - wanted). When I returned home, I dumped all the ingredients into the mixing bowl, mixed them thoroughly, poured them into the pie shell (Gluten-Free, of course), and baked it. Then I read the instructions in the recipe and learned that I wasn't supposed to mix everything together all at once, but mix the dry, mix the wet, then combine them. Ach, well, when the pie was cool, I sliced it and we each had a piece. It was delicious. Oh, and I had deliberately used only half the recommended sugar, with the result that the pie wasn't as thickly sweet as they usually are, and I could taste the pumpkin much better!

October 26, 20/20

This morning's Bible Study went well, all about the Beatitudes, in preparation for next Sunday's Gospel reading. I didn't contribute anything to the discussion, mostly because whenever I had something to contribute, I couldn't get a word in edgewise, this time. Usually it's because I have nothing to contribute that hasn't already been said by three other people in the group.

This being Monday, though, I made up for it in the evening as I read Compline. No, I didn't select the longest passages of the liturgy to read, but just because I did the majority of talking. Of course, the only "competition" I had was Becky, who read the responses and meditation. That's how it usually goes. One of these days, I'm going to switch roles with her and let her read and me respond. Maybe I'll feign a sore throat or something (I doubt it).

October 25, 20/20

After church and Virtual Coffee Hour this morning, we had nothing that really needed to be done, so that's just what we did, that and a fair bit of napping. I'm still yawning, after all that. 

October 24, 20/20

I decided against lawn care again today, mostly because I don't really enjoy it, but partly because of the forecast of 50% chance of rain. It turned out that it didn't rain, at least not in the morning or early afternoon, the times when I would have been more likely to actually do it.

I did go to the store this afternoon, though, to buy some bread. We had run completely out of it since I've renewed my liking for toast.

Speaking of renewed likings, since I had a CT Scan with contrast, I was told to stop taking metformin for 48 hours, which time will expire before church tomorrow. And since I was told to keep my consumption of alcohol to a minimum while I was taking metformin, and since I've been without it for a day and a half, now, I enjoyed a glass of bourbon and water this evening. That, added with tomorrow's glass of wine after church (I deliberately pour more than is necessary for communion, and once it's consecrateed it either has to be drunk or poured onto the ground, and since I am not one to pour wine onto the ground, I enjoy the remainder of it), will do nicely before I start taking metformin again that afternoon.

October 23, 20/20

Happy Lunaversary!

In celebration thereof, I drove to Mission Imaging for the annual CT Scan of my Aneurysm. I got there 15 minutes ahead of when they said I should be there, which was 30 minutes before the appointment time (there were three people in the waiting room), and 10 minutes after I completed the questionnaire, I was called back. I had a delightful conversation with the nurse who inserted the IV. She is the same one who did the same thing last year, and she's really wonderful, not only as a painless IV setter-upper, but as a person. I learned that tomorrow, she and her daughters are going to make home-made applesauce, and her daughters are really excited about it, like it is one of the best things they do all year, and they've really been looking forward to it! I was excited to hear her describe her daughters' excitement. Anyway, I'll get the results of the scan on November 04, 20/20, at my full Physical Exam - which will actually be a face-to-face visit with my physician.

I was done with the CT Scan by 8:40, and my next appointment wasn't until 11:00, so I drove to Staples to see if they had the ink cartridges I need for my printer yet (they don't), then I drove to my next appointment, arriving just before 9:00. I sat in my car for an hour and 45 minutes, reading, then went into the Urologists' building, went through the mandatory Covid-19 screening, then went to check-in - only to learn that the appointment was to have been changed in September. Reportedly, they had called and sent me a card directing me to call, but either I didn't get the call and card, or I was in an alternate reality that week. Bottom line is, I will have to reappear at their door at 8:45 next Tuesday. It's as though the doctor doesn't check his appointment schedule before scheduling surgery, or continuing education, or vacation. This was the fifth time this year I've had to reschedule for the convenience of the doctors!

October 22, 20/20

Happy Birthday, TGR Smith!

In celebration of my dad's birthday (but more because we were invited), we went to Suzanne's house, and with Elizabeth, we enjoyed a very filling lunch of Pumpkin, Bean and Sausage soup. Naturally, her cat, Wyatt, was overjoyed to see me. I learned a few things about him, today. While he will stand on the kitchen table and bask in the joy of me scratching his ears and neck while he rubs his head in my beard, It isn't as fulfilling as when he does it on his lunch counter. The counter is higher, and he can rub harder against my jaw, making my head wobble all over the place. Also, Gregg, Suzanne's brother, says Wyatt just likes that because I'm a fur-face, just like him. Whatever!

Anyway, today is also our Director of Music's daughter, Cecilia, and not just any birthday, but her 22nd one. Happy Birthday to Cecilia, as well.

And while I'm thinking about it, it's also the birthday of one of the Sopranos in our choir, Anne. I suspect it might be a higher number than Cecilia's, but I wouldn't tell it here, even if I knew.

October 21, 20/20

Another day without appointments, but that's ok, because it was Laundry Day. I got all three loads done shortly after lunch, but for the second week in a row, I failed to put a mask where I would remember to pick it up, should I ever need it. I got to the grocery store, this afternoon, and didn't have a mask with me, so I had to get a paper mask from the Customer Service stand. They were very gracious and didn't charge me for it. Then I loaded up my cart with everything on the list of things I was supposed to buy (for a change) and only two things that were not on the list (GF Pizza).

October 20, 20/20

After getting Becky's shots, late this morning, we drove up to the library in North Asheville, learned that it is NOT an early voiting place, read the sign that said to go to UNC-A (University of NC - Asheville), and since we had to pass right by it to get home anyway, we stopped and voted. There was no line. We were in and out in 15 minutes. Well, to be honest, I think I was a little faster, which would account for the one mistake I made. Hopefully they won't count off for accuracy. It likely won't matter, since it was for Appelate Court Judge, or some such position, that I marked the candidate other than the one I had intended.

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks for some specialty coffees. Becky got her usual Caramel Macchiato, but I opted for the Pumpkin Spice Cloud Cold Brew. It turned out to be a good choice, and it was a little less expensive.

Oh, and this morning I weighed 200 lbs, even! If I keep going down in weight, while all the other victims of the Great Isolation are maintaining or even gaining weight, I might be accused of TRYING to lose weight. To be honest, it must be the drugs. When I started my gluten-free habit, I lost from 228 to 215, but when the doctor started me on Metformin (no, I'm not diabetic), my weight has been steadily declining. He was concerned that my A1C was rising, since I wasn't exercising as much as I had been beefore the Great Isolation, and research has shown that Metformin has anti-aging properties. I agreed to try it, and I'm very glad I did.

October 19, 20/20

I managed to attend Bible Study this morning without embarassing myself too badly. Of course, our home phone rang twice, and once a voicemail was recorded, and Becky had to leave the room to try to muffle it. It wouldn't have been so bad, but our ringtone is Spring from Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which had our Rector dancing in her chair. I get the suspicion she looks for reasons to dance, though.

Since this is October, naturally we've been playing though our Halloween collection of movies. We've watched The Addams Family, Addams Family Values, Goonies, and today's movie was Hocus Pocus. We've got enough to get us to the end of the month, too.

October 18, 20/20

Today started off a little differently. First, having bathed last night, as opposed to my usual Sunday AM, I arose at 8:30. Becky got up at about the same time and went to the shower. Not knowing any better (and why would I), I switched on the coffee to reheat, then sat to work my morning crossword puzzle, and I was doing fine until I heard Becky whimpering in the bathroom, and then she called my name, and I was already trying to dig out from under my laptop. When I got in there, she was in abject pain from what felt to her to be gastritis. The night before she had spoken to her sister, Melinda, who said she had been diagnosed with gastritis and an ear infection. Naturally, I understood that hearing of her sister's ailments could in no way have inflicted the same pain on Becky, I was concerned, and she didn't answer any of my questions my concern only deepened.

Becky finally made her way to the recliners and (what else) reclined. By that time, it was 10AM, and time for me to prepare our communion elements. I cut two small pieces of bread and poured a glass of wine, then sat and tried to find our church service on YouTube. Normally it is listed at the top of the list, but this time, October 11 was at the top. I finally found it on my computer (where I had been looking for it on our television's YouTube channel), a little after 10:25, and then I found it on the television at about 10:28. After the service, then, we decided not to join the Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom.

After lunch, which Becky felt good enough to prepare, I spent an hour or so on my desktop computer, where I could do some searching on the web while listening to the radio without disturbing Becky's rest.

October 17, 20/20

We awoke this morning at 8:30am. The temperature was 40 degrees. Had we awakened two hours earlier, it would have been 32 degrees. "Doggone it, we MISSED it!" That had been the falling of Autumn, I'm sure. Still, the car was frosted and even the house windows were wet with condensate. Yeah, we have two windows that are still single-paned, and if we had $8,000 we'd have them replaced.

October 16, 20/20

Today we had no appointments, I didn't need to go to any stores, we had a full pot of coffee and we just stayed home and rested. To be honest, Becky slept quite a while again, but if I recall my own bout with vertigo (many years ago, now), I was sleepy much of the days, especially when I was becoming accustomed to the meclizine. That is one of the prominent side effects. When she was awake, though, she was more stable than she has been all week, so progress is being made.

October 15, 20/20

Becky was feeling well enough this morning to get her allergy shots. When that was done, I looked up a polling place in Weaverville that I thought would be out of the way enough to not be crowded, but following the GPS, we found ourselves on a dead-end residential street with no polling place in sight. We then did a slow drive-by of another place that I figured would be crowded, and it was. We came back home with the feeling that we should put off voting until the lines are much shorter. We'll give it a few days and try again.

When we got home, Becky made lunch for us, after which she was ready for a nap, and by nap, I mean a four-hour sleep. Then it was my turn to prepare a small meal (microwave a frozen meal for each of us, that is), and before long, it was time for Compline.

What an exciting day, eh?

October 14, 20/20

Becky was still feeling the effects of vertigo, so she stayed home from the Chiropractor's appointment we had this morning. I had to drive down all by myself, in the fog, in 50 degree weather. I ran the heated seat all the way there, and when Dr. Reilly got me on the table, he spent a little time on my hips, which were quite sore and hurt a bit when he adjusted them, the right one especially. When he got to my mid-back, though, he placed his hands on me, and the bones moved, apparently on their own volition, even before he pressed down. It surprised him, both times it did that. The heat from the seat back had softened the soft tissues, allowing the vertebrae to move very easily.

Then I stopped at Staples to get some ink for our printer at home, but I couldn't remember the number of ink cartridge I needed, so I called home and Becky gave me the number. The store didn't have those cartridges in stock. "That was easy" - Not. "Yeah, we got that" - Not!

I stopped by the post office, next, to drop two bill payments into the depository. That part was easy, and they got them.

Next stop was at the grocery store. For once, I found everything on the list with no trouble, and I even found a few things that weren't on the list

After a quick stop at Starbucks to get some coffee, I returned home. Becky pulled my trick of taking a sip of her coffee and falling to sleep.

Last, this evening I drove to the church for a face-to-face with the choir (well, half-face-to-half-face), to see if we could recognize each other after being apart for so long. One of the sopranos brought a tray of apple and cheeses, and our Choir Director brought two types of wine and a bottle of Ginger Ale. I spent some time talking with the Director's daughter who will be 22 years old on October 22nd, Dad's birthday (111 years ago).

October 13, 20/20

Friday the 13th came on a Tuesday this month!

Becky, suffering from vertigo, called Allergy Partners this morning to cancel her appointment for today. That gave us the whole day to rest, read, write, etc. I used my idle time to make sure all the updates were done to all three of my computers, tried to write a little bit but was at an impasse, so I just answered some emails and let it go at that.

I went to the store after lunch and bought a bunch of food, along with TP and tissues and some drain cleaner. When I returned, I baked a pizza (Pepperoni and cheese, 1/2 and 1/2), then cleaned the drain in the left-hand kitchen sink that has been running slowly for months. It took quite a while to get it free, but when I did, WOW! a fill sink of water runs through it in 1/10th the time of its former speed.

The Tuesday Compline Officiants didn't read Compline for the second week in a row, now. I'm concerned about them. I get the suspicion that the couple was overwhelmed and dropped out. I think I will write them an email and see if everything's ok with them. I wonder if I'm the only one who has noticed. To my knowledge there are only three of us who have "attended" every night, with Becky and me being two of them.

October 12, 20/20

Happy Indiginous People Day!

I got up this morning at 7am (because it's Monday and I had to get the trash to the curb, which I did, first thing), and since we had obligated to take Suzanne to her medical appointment later, and since we had two pounds of bacon in our freezer that we were supposed to have taken to her yesterday (and forgot), I went out to the big freezer to get the bacon, then i texted Suzanne, "Bacon, bacon, who's got the bacon? I've got the bacon!" She responded, laughing, then said that she was in too much pain to ride to the doctor and subject herself to the procedure that was in store for her, and was going to call and reschedule. So, other than the trash, i had no reason to be awake. That thought alone, though, was no reason to go back to sleep. 

With very little else to do, we spent the day reading, typing on the computers and getting up from the chairs every hour or so to relieve the "Butt-Bumps" that I get from sitting too long. We spoke with Melinda (Becky's sister) a few times. She's pretty much a shut-in, too, expecially during this Great Isolation, so she calls and chats with us when she feels the need for company. We're happy to speak with her about whatever, so that we, too, can have some contact with the outside world. She and Becky will talk "about a good time had a long time ago, [talk] about forgetting about [their] worries and their woe," (thanks to Roger Miller's "Walking in the Sunshine" song), and now and then I toss in some of my family trivia, or maybe a joke now and then, or sometimes some of my personal experiences as a pilot or submariner. We have fun, the three of us.

October 11, 20/20

It had to happen, eventually. We tuned into YouTube this morning at 10:15am to "attend" our church service at 10:30. At 10:30 we realized that he hadn't heard the organ prelude, but we stayed tuned in hopes they would resolve the techniccal troubles and broadcast the service. At 10:50, we gave up, drank the communion wine and ate the bread, and kept on reading. I wrote an email to the church saying that we missed the service this morning but that we'd watch it if/when it was posted. I also told them that we would not be at Bible Study in the morning because we'd be busy being the hands and feet (and car) of Christ, giving Suzanne a ride to her medical appointment. I really wanted to say that we would miss Bible Study to make up for the worship we missed today, but I figured that Mother Milly doesn't know my sense(?) of humor well enough, yet.

This afternoon, we drove up to Suzanne's, though for meatloaf (turkey and pork sausage), gluten-free rolls and baked beans, with Mah Jongg for dessert.

I noticed that on the way to her house, our ToYoda averaged about 35 MPG, and on the way back we averaged about 39 MPG. Not too bad for mountain driving, I think.

October 10, 20/20

I learned a new trick with MX Linux, today. I doubt I could explain it to non-Linux users, adequately, but just let it suffice that I can now find software that isn't readily available to the majority of Linux users. The one I'm most intrigued with, but have no skills, yet, to use it correctly, is SweetHome3D, a 3D CAD for designing houses. I plan to use it to design furniture arangements for the office and front bedroom to make them both more useful. (Of course, I don't need CAD to get the clutter out, just a good sized dumpster).

Oh, and I just found out that our house has appreciated to 150% of the purchase price. That's likely due to inflation, more than anything else, though.

October 09, 20/20

We received a plea for assistance, today. Suzanne called and said that someone (that was us) had left a bunch of avocados at her house and they needed to be eaten. Could we please come up and help her eat the guacamole she was making with them? And bring the Mah Jongg chest?

We did. I won three of the four games, Suzanne won the other one, and Becky played valiantly. 

October 08, 20/20

Today I had a meltdown!

It began with jitters from low blood sugar, which developed into shakes so bad that when Becky handed me a glass of water, I took it in two hands and very nearly spilled it on myself. She quickly prepared some food for me, which began to calm my nerves, then gave me some ice cream and cookies for dessert, which also helped to bring the shakes under control.

Later in the evening, as I sat at the computer, I began to feel chilled. I took my temperature and found it only one tenth of a degree high. I took some tylenol, which normally corrects my more usual low temperature, but it had no effect. I placed a blanket across my lap and after 10 minutes I still felt chilled. I put a heating pad across my shoulders which warmed my head and neck right up, but my hands and feet were still quite cold. I left the computer, then, and tried to read for a while, could not concentrate, so I turned on some music, reclined the chair and snoozed - for about three hours.

I awoke feeling warm and normal at about 12:30am, so we went to bed.

October 07, 20/20

Today we had no appointments, so I spent the first four hours doing laundry, instead. Yeah, I know, that's a standing Wednesday "appointment" for me, but I didn't have to leave the house to do it. Well, ok, I went into the garage to do it, but I didn't have to get into the car. In fact, though, I did have to enter the car to get the towel I had used to wipe off the heavy dew yesterday and left spread on the back floormat to dry, and also to get the face mask I had used earlier this week. Wait - I'll rephrase this paragraph:

I did the laundry today.

October 06, 20/20

I took Becky to get her allergy shots this morning, and then after the mandatory waiting period was done, we drove down to our insurance agent to pay our car insurance for the next six months. On the way there, I had to stop at Ingles to fill the gas tank. I put in 13 gallons, paying just $1.63 per gallon (we had a $0.35 per gallon discount from our accumulated points on the rewards card due to purchases).

On the way home, we took the Blueridge Parkway, then returned home, completely forgetting to stop at Starbucks on the way home. "There's our next trip," I said, almost jokingly. We didn't go out again, so had to make do with home-brew.

For only the second time since we Lay Leaders took over officiating Compline every night at eight except Sunday, the assigned officiant did not get logged onto Facebook to lead us through the prayers. Naturally, we didn't let it stop us. Becky led the reading, and I responded. Normally, when it's our turn, I lead, and she responds. It works out the same, either way.

It came to my mind, today, as I was ruminating of my on-going difficulty swallowing, that by coughing up the last swallow of food and chewing it a bit more, then trying to swallow it again, sometimes repeating the process, that I have become a RUMINANT. So now, when someone asks why I'm coughing, I can just tell them I'm bringing up more cud to chew.

October 05, 20/20

Happy Monday. I finally remembered to change the default page to October, so if you were still expecting to see September, you can either hover over the word BLOG in the menu bar and select September, or you can pretend that you've already read all of my witi(less)ness and get on with October.

Today, i visited two stores, Sams Club and Publix. I remembered to buy everything except gasoline. I looked at the information panel on the dash board, though, and found I can drive another 43 miles (or so) before the tank runs dry (or so). There's always tomorrow.

Our Rector forwarded a facebook post showing that the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago has a slate of candidates to replace their retiring Bishop at the end of the year. All four candidates are black, two men and two women. It is only appropriate, since the Anglican Communion is made up of a majority of black members. I'm sure their diocese will choose wisely from those four.

October 04, 20/20

This morning's worship service at Grace Church started with a message from our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry. He was his usual dynamic self, but I was still drowsey, recovering from a bout of hypotension. After that, our Rector announced that she would be blessing the animals in the pumpkin patch, and she invited everyone who wished to participate to bring their animals in the afternoon, and they would get a blessing and a treat, and their humans would receive Holy Communion at the same time.

After the service, we logged into the Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom. What had started out as a well-attended event, has dwindled to less than half a dozen. This week there were five, last week only us two, and the week before only three. It just ain't right! Anyway, after about 15 minutes, we excused ourselves from Zoom due to a lunch engagement.

That lunch was at Suzanne's house. She had made some Pumpkin-Bean-Saisage soup, which was served with avacado, cheese, sour cream and corn chips. It was delicious and very filling. Afterwards, we went to the living room and I was conscripted to try to transfer some of her files from her old computer to her new one using my 1TB External Hard Drive. I plugged in the drive and booted up the old beast, only to find that the drive was not recognized as a storage device. So I unplugged it, replugged it, and got the same result. Then, just to check, I attempted the same connection to her brand new computer with, again, the same failure to be recognized. I was feeling that my ExtHD had become an X-HD. Both computers will, though, recognize her 128GB Toshiba ExtHD, so she's not without means, it will just take her longer for switching back and forth between the two computers.

When I finished messing with my ExtHD, we had a piece of crustless cheesecake and a cup of coffee, then called it a day.

October 03, 20/20

I received a package, today, from Amazon. While it usually comes via USPS or UPS, sometimes even by FedEx, this time it came in a blue van with an arrowed smile on the side of it. Amazin! It was a case of six boxes of gluten-free animal cookies. Now that I've done that, I'll probably find them in a store nearby for a little more then the list price at Amazon, but less than that price plus shipping.

In a fit of forgetfulness, i re-learned how to install Ventoy, an application that allows me to load multiple ISOs (operating system loaders) onto one USB memory stick. Now I have five different Linux distributions (Distros) on one stick, and I can load each one without installing it, and then I can give it a trial run to see if it runs any better than MX-Linux. Since it isn't loaded in the computer, it is running from the USB, and will likely be slower that MX, but since I'm aware of that, speed isn't going to influence me one way or the other. I'm not even looking to change from MX, but I'm still curious about them.

This evening, as I was preparing to attend Compline, I noticed that our Ordo Kalendar (the church calendar) still said September. So I ripped September off the wall and we watched Compline in peace. Then when I started to write this Blog entry, I turned to look at the calendar to verify that it really is the 3rd of Oct., I saw that Saturday is listed as the 7th! I finally saw through the haze of confusion and recognized the name of the month on the wall says November. Then I surfed to the Ordo Kalendar website, was pleased that they displayed October, did a "Print Screne" to capture the image, loaded it into GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) and cropped and enlarged the image to the approximate size of the one I ripped off (and subsequently shreaded), then taped it onto the Kalendar on the wall.

October 02, 20/20

We awoke to 48 degree temperatures today. I stood out on the porch and breathed in the cool air, noticed the windshield of the car was covered with dew, and that there were two mushrooms growing in the middle of the front yard. Then I came back in.

When the mail came, they delivered the replacement umbrella I had bought for Becky, since hers had suffered a catastrophic failure of one of the ribs. It refused to open correctly. When she unboxed it, we were pleased to see that it was a stylized representation of van Gogh's Starry Night on the inside, the one Becky had wanted to order the first time. So it was not only an improvement over the first one, but what the first one was meant to have been all along.

October 01, 20/20

Happy October Fools Day!

I took Becky to get her allergy shots this afternoon. Nothing unusual, other than it was very pleasantly cool. I sat in the car with the windows open, reading my Kindle, while Becky went in to get stuck in both arms. Then, when she came back out, of course, we had to sit for 30 minutes before leaving, just in case she might have a bad reaction to the shots. She didn't, so we left when that 30 minutes had expired.

Since this was the first-ever Tripple Stars Day at Starbucks, naturally we had to stop to get coffee on the way home. So, armed with our coffees, we made our way home readily enough.

Excitement! (as Tommy Smothers would say).