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Friday the 13th came on Thursday this month! I was expecting two things today. First I was expecting the second item I had ordered from United Healthcare's Health & Wellness Products Catalog, a sphygmomanometer. The second item I expected was an email from Kohl's to tell me that the clothing I had ordered, which was to have been delivered to the store, was ready for me to pick up. Neither of them was in evidence by 11:42 PM, so I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow. What I wasn't expecting was a series of four phone calls from India claiming to be from Apple saying that our iCloud account had been hacked and compromised. We don't have an iCloud account, so I hung up on the first call. 15 minutes later a second call came with the same dire warning. I listened to the end hoping to hear "press 2 to decline further calls," or some such thing. No, they gave me the option to press 1 to speak with their special agent or press to if I wished to have them call later. A third option was to call the number they gave me to speak with their agent. I hung up, then, not even noting the number down. The third call came in, and I almost immediately pressed 1. The "agent" answered and asked how he could help me, and I told him that I knew it was a scam and told him to STOP CALLING MY HOME! I looked up iCloud compromise on my search engine and found that it is, as I thought, a scam. It had a link to report the calls, which I did. Ten minutes after I filed the complaint, the fourth call came in, so I pressed 1 again and told the agent, "Your scamming calls have been reported to an agency of the United States Government. CEASE and DESIST! There were no further calls.