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After taking Becky to get her bi-weekly allergy shots, we were heading to Starbucks for a cup of coffee. As we approached the west side of the French Broad River, though, we saw a line of cars, eastbound, and realized they were lining up at the gas station. In doing so, they were cutting off access to two businesses. I wonder how those business owners felt about that, but I think I know. We got to Starbucks and learned that they were out of our new favorite, Oat Milk, so we had to make do with Coconut Milk. No matter. We were treated to a free joke, as advertised on their sign just before the drive-up ordering kiosk. "Pick a number from one to 15," she said, so I selected seven. I didn't tell her what the number was initially, so I asked her what I was supposed to do with the number. "Tell me what it is, and I'll read that joke to you," she instructed. When I told her, she read, "What word starts with E, ends with E, and has one letter in it?" I didn't get it right away, so she told me, "Envelope." That was, unfortunately, the highlight of our day until shortly before Compline started at eight. The six of us Lay, Leaders of Compline (L.L.of C., that is), have decided that we'd like to take the Summer off from reading Compline, with the stipulation that a resumption is contemplated in the Fall. Our Rector, Milly, has agreed, so the week before Pentecost Sunday, we will read our last Compline for the season, say our thanks and farewells to our faithful online congregations, and take a break for a time.