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Happy June the Last!

We were watching the recording of last night's The Late Night with Steven Colbert. Steven interviewed the only two hobbits he hadn't interviewed yet, Dominic Monaghan (Mariadoc Brandybuck) and Billy Boyd (Peregrin Took - Pippin). During the interview, we learned that those two have a podcast, The Friendship Onion. We listened to their first episode last night, then learned that the podcast is videocast on YouTube as well. I have subscribed to it, of course, and we will watch an episode a day until we catch up, then watch them every week as they are posted. 

Once again we will flip the calendar and urge our families and friends to do as they will with the June edition of the Blog from the Hill. After five days, the default page will change to July, but of course, the past months are always available by links provided.

Becky and I went to Allergy Partners for her Tuesday shots, stopped at Starbucks on our way home, and had just a dollar or two left on my Starbucks Card. I tried to get online with Starbucks to reload the card, which I've done many times but found a completely blank web page where Starbucks' website had always been. I called Starbucks and was told it was my browser's fault. They wanted me to use a different browser, even though I had logged in with my Brave Browser ever since times I started using Brave. I'm not sure what I told them, likely that I'd just delay the drive-through line, next time, by reloading my card there. 

To make matters worse, I received a bill from MAHEC Dental where I had a crown reinserted on June 21st. The bill was for $2,109.xx and was for services performed on May 22, a SATURDAY, a day on which they are not open. I called, and of course, the billing department was not available. I wrote on the bill, then, "DECLINED! Wrong Date! Wrong Patient!" and put it into the mail.

We stayed home from Bible Study this morning because we were yawning immediately after awakening and couldn't stop. We were jerked into wakefulness by a call from our niece, Mari. She wanted to tell us that her two boys, Austin (20), and Martin (16). I haven't seen them since they were both in grade school, and Becky hasn't seen them since before then. As a bonus, Mari's daughter, Bella (Isabella) whom we haven't seen for over four years. They will fly down from their home in Upstate NY next week and will stay for two weeks. I had to ask Mari if Bella remembered what I told her the first time I met her (just a few days after she was born) - that I'm her "Favorite Uncle Bill". 

Then we watched some television since we were awake anyway, ate lunch, and then I did some grocery shopping. I had to buy a Cheesecake for tomorrow's Sandra LaCour Day celebration. She would have been 90 years old, tomorrow. Since her last intake of food was Cheesecake, her "favorite and only daughter" Suzanne felt she could break her diet just this once to say "Happy Birthday" to her favorite mother. 

I've found out that our Panasonic cordless phones fail to work from time to time. I haven't found out why or how, but I have learned that to correct the problem I just need to hold the handset from the living room, walk into the office, and "Presto!" it's fixed! I guess it's just time to replace them with something new and more reliable.

The alarm woke us at 6 AM. When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the base of the lamp beside the bed flickering. I guess it had done that all night, but it hadn't registered until I awoke. I took care of the CPAPs, getting them emptied and dried and packed away for the trip home, tried to write an email but found that I didn't have an email to answer that I had thought was waiting for me. By 7:30, we were repacked and ready to depart, so we checked out and hit the road. To make up for the slow and miserable trip down, our trip back was completely unencumbered. We saw only three other cars on the city streets, and we were halfway to North Carolina before the traffic was in evidence around us. We made two stops, first for breakfast, then for a Coke to heighten my alertness. We were home by 11 AM. Oh yeah, and we averaged 37.2 MPG for the entire trip, according to the car's calculations.

The big day of Lawson and Megan's Renewal of Wedding Vows. We had discussed, the night before, what time we should leave in the morning. I had suggested 8 AM, but when it came to light that the trip should take only two hours and 30 minutes, Becky countered with 10 AM. We compromised and left at 9:30 AM, stopping by Starbucks, then refueling at Sams. We were on the highway by 10 AM. It took us 20 minutes to make the 4-mile trip to Brevard Road, so we left the interstate, set in the destination address in Columbia into the car's GPS, learned that there was no such address, then set it into the phone's PGS, got an alternate route, and drove down Brevard Road. We were routed back onto the Interstate at the very next interchange and were beset with slow traffic for most of the way out of North Carolina. In South Carolina, things were pretty clear for the first 40 miles, then we crawled along at speeds varying from 3 to 50 MPH until reaching Columbia. Once in the city, we were once again able to drive at the posted speed limits of 35 MPH and slower until we reached our hotel. Our room was ready, so at a little after 2 PM we started searching for lunch. The first two places we looked for from the list we received from the hotel were out of business. Then Becky was feeling the heat and went back to the hotel while I continued scouting around for lunch. I finally found the East Bay Deli, bought two Gluten-Free BLTs, and walked back to the hotel. By 3 PM we had eaten and dressed, then struck out for the church. 

Melinda arrived in time to get situated before the start of the wedding, having ridden up with Karl and his wife, Melissa. The Re-Wedding was very beautiful, the homily was quite appropriate, and in the end, we were happy to have actually been in the church this time to witness their union. Karl and his wife and mother followed us to the reception. The trip took less time than finding a place to park. Melinda got to park on the premises, while I left Becky off and found a place on the street just a block away (it was a very long block, too). We started with drinks from an Open Bar and some Hors d'Oeurves, and we got to meet with some other members of Megan's family. Eventually, we were invited to take our places for dinner. The tables were set up out of doors, and they were quite elegantly set. Becky and I had Gluten-Free substitutions for the fare that everyone else would have, and while our portions were smaller, it didn't matter. We were well pleased. There were four courses, and they were spaced out so that nobody was hungry afterward, just as it should be. 

We got back to the hotel about 9 PM, soaked from the humidity of course, so I took a shower. Then I realized that I had not brought in our CPAPs, my luggage, and my computer, so I went to the car and retrieved those items, lugged them to our room, set up the CPAPs, and realized that I hadn't brought any distilled water. I found a drug store, bought a gallon of distilled water, and returned to the hotel. I was done running around for the night by 10:30 PM, so I read for a while as Becky took her shower to give my mind time to recover from all the running around. Then when I  was sure I would drop right off to sleep, I joined Becky in repose.

The day before driving down to Columbia was filled with preparations. We packed, got our good clothes ready to hang in the back window of the car, and made as many preparations as we could. Then, in the evening, we rested again. It's amazing how much rest we seem to need after basically resting for 15 months due to the Great Separation.

First thing, Allergy Shots, then Starbucks, then home. When those usual things were done, we drove out to Discount Shoes to buy some thin socks for Becky to wear with her new shoes. As we got into line to pay for the socks, we met Linda, the wife of Redeemer Church's Rector, Bucky. She greeted us warmly and we exchanged hugs and basically caught up on what has happened in the last three years. Then after the socks were bought and Linda had done the business she had come to do, we carried our conversation out to the parking lot only to find that Bucky had parked right next to our car. So we did a brief catch-up with him before we got into our respective vehicles and struck out for home.

Happy 20th Anniversary to Us!

Yes, beyond my expectations, Becky and I have lived happily together after marrying 20 years ago today. We argue, but only about trivial things like who is responsible for one of us having a tune stuck in our heads, and we have quite a lot of fun doing it. Naturally, each of us is happy to admit fault in such a case, though occasionally it is finally admitted that the accuser is the culprit. To celebrate the occasion of starting another trip around the sun together, we had dinner at Cedric's Tavern in Antler Village on the Biltmore Estate. It was the first time we have eaten dinner there, usually having opted for lunch. We learned that not only is the menu larger in the evening, but the noise level is much higher then, as well, like the prices. It didn't bother us to pay more, for how many 20th Anniversaries does one couple get in their lifetimes? It was a tremendous meal of salmon, vegetables, salad, pork chops, asparagus, boxty, and mustard sauce, with chocolate caramels for dessert on the house.

This morning I finally got online to La-Z-Boy and entered a service request to have my chair, my half of the new loveseat, repaired again, and this time not just a bandage. Last time, they replaced the cushion, thinking it was the springs that had started sagging on the left side of the seat. The new cushion felt good, initially, but after a week I thought I noticed a lean to the left. After a month, my body hurts when I sit in this chair because of the tilt of it and of my lumbar scoliosis. They wrote an email response acknowledging receipt of the request and said they would get back to me within a day. I think they might need to replace the entire chair, next time. I'm tired of sitting at a 10-degree starboard list!

I awoke at 7 AM to take the trash and recycling to the curb for collection, then came back in to await 8 AM so I could call my dentist's office to see about having the crown replaced that had popped off Friday evening as I flossed my teeth. They gave me an appointment for 3 PM, so I had a cup of coffee while I read through my overnight emails. We ate our first meal at 11:30 or so, and I loafed around until 2 PM, then flossed and brushed, played the organ until 2:20, then left to see the dentist. I was taken directly into the operatory, handed my errant crown to the Tech/Asst/other person, had an x-ray taken of the naked tooth, and waited to see which dentist was assigned to see to my crown. She turned out to be young, brown-skinned, and very attractive. She found right away that I would need some anesthetic before she went to work flaking off the remaining cement, so while the tooth was numbing she cleaned the inside of the crown. Once it was cleaned and I was numb, she finished cleaning the tooth, dry-fitted the crown to check the margins before gluing it in place. I might have been in the chair for half an hour, then I was on my way home again. The dentist had said that I would pay only $29, which as I recall was almost the same as I had paid the last time I had a crown glued back in, though, the front office said I owed $117 because the insurance might not pay the estimated amount. They agreed to wait to see what the Insurance paid and then bill me for the rest.

Happy Fathers Day! We celebrated by singing in the choir at church for the first since the Great Separation! WooHoo! When the service was over (during which we sang three Anthems) we came home, hurriedly changed clothes, then drove to Suzanne's for a Dad's Day get-together with her, her brothers and Mike and Hank. There was lots of food, coffee, some Maple Bourbon, Mah Jongg (Becky, Mike, and I played), and lots of conversation. In the end, we were nearly exhausted so we came home and slept to the sound of the TV. As Mike Tyson would say, "What were we to do?".

I was awake at 7:48 this morning, had a morning cuppa coffee, some water, and Tylenol, and by then it was almost 8:40, so I went out to attack the overgrown shrubs that have been threatening to swallow our driveway again. I backed Yoda down and parked it under the Dogwood tree, then I got my electric hedge trimmer and a 100 ft. extension cord (a bit of overkill in length), and I took the three guilty shrubs town to half their height. Then it was time to hack my way through the jungle of bamboo that was trying to keep me from the backyard. I had a pile of refuse the size of our Forsythia bush at the curb for collection this week by the city. Not tired enough to know better, I backed Hildor out of the garage, got the lawnmower out, and started mowing the lawn. I got done shortly before noon, showered, and had to be helped into my clothes because my back was still wet from sweat even after the shower. After napping for 20 minutes, Becky gave me a plate of ribs and re-heated French Fries, leftovers from yesterday's late lunch at TGI Friday's. She had her own leftovers of Chicken, sweet peppers, onions, and mashed potatoes. Later in the afternoon, we watched the movie, Black Panther. It was the second time we saw it, and as usual, I picked up many more details than I had the first time, including the supposition that the main antagonist flew a Cessna, which flies at the cruising speed of 110 MPH, from California to Africa. Even supposing that he had refueled in Vermont, the closest state to Africa, he couldn't have made the trip without considerable magic, which I think was beyond even his magical powers. No matter, though. I enjoyed the movie again, as did Becky.

We had a late lunch or early dinner with Jim and Carol. it was our first meeting since the Great Separation began in March of last year. In honor of Father's day, Carol treated us to the meal. We caught up with each others' church activity and conditions. A few of our friends from their church, our old church, have suffered strokes, came down with cancer, or have died, while others have, like we did a few years ago, sought a different church to attend for one reason or another. while their church had always had two services on Sundays, they are now having only one. Our church, when we first started attending, had three services each week. That was when we had two priests and a deacon serving. One of the priests, the Rector, retired, then shortly after our Interim Priest came, the Priest Assistant and Deacon (man and wife) accepted a call to serve a different church, leaving just one priest. We quickly reduced to just two services, and when the Great Separation started and the services were posted live on YouTube with a skeleton crew in the building, we again reduced to a single service. Naturally, Jim and I discussed current events in his model making and my past involvement with pipe organ building. Becky and Carol had their own conversations, as well. The four of us are still unable to run out of conversation.

As usual, I drove Becky to get her shots, and we went directly from there to Suzanne's for an early lunch and some Mah Jongg. She had made Turkey Chili, which was from a can (Hormel) and was delicious, and had also made guacamole with garnishes of cheese, tomato, sour cream, olives, sweet pickles, and corn chips. We were filled to our capacity before the guacamole was gone, but only because we were not accustomed to eating before noon. Nevertheless, by the time we had played four hands of MJ, I was again able to eat more guac. After the game concluded, we went to the living room for some chatter, and of course, Wyatt became aware the I was in his house again, so had to come out of hiding to seek some snuggles. Instead of trying to burrow into my beard, he was content just to let me hold him and stroke his head and back. I think he was not as intrigued by my shorter beard as he has been when the beard was longer.

Becky and I went to the chiropractor for our monthly tune-up, both of us in need of some deep adjustments. I felt immensely better right away, and Becky's sciatica seemed not to bother her as we left the office. She suggested that we take a drive across the Blue Ridge Parkway, then stop at the Outlet Mall to shop for some new Sketchers that look a little more dressy to wear to the Renewal of Vows (Lawson & Megan) on the 26th. On the way from the car to the store, it became apparent that Becky's sciatica had not gone away, or the adjustment she'd gotten had slipped back. Whatever the cause, she stopped to rest several times along the way. When we finally found the store, we split up so that we could each find the shoes we wanted. She found a sales clerk to help her, while I just stood looking at the shoes I thought I should buy, trying to find any shoes in boxes that looked the same. Finally, I found the correct box and carried it to where Becky was, found that she had the shoes she had found on her feet, so our shopping was done. Now we have our outfits bought, and we'll be ready to attend the "Re-enactment".

This morning started normally, with me driving Becky to her Allergy Shots appointment. Then I suggested we drive to the Asheville Mall to see if one of the department stores there had a dress or some other suit of clothes that she could wear to her nephew's Renewal of Vows with his wife. We walked through the mall slowly because Becky's sciatica was quite painful. When we came to Dillards, we had about eight minutes to wait for the store to open. When it did open, we entered the store, got directions to Women's Wear, and there we sought the help of a sales assistant. The first assistant we met worked in shoes, but she introduced us to another, Brie (Brianna), who could help our search. Two and a half hours later, we bought the slacks and blouse that not only fit, but felt and looked good. Becore we could get out of the store, though, we had to pass by the cosmetics counter, and the cosmetician spent another half hour demonstrating to Becky how a concealer could hide the discolored patch on her cheek (which I call the Smith Mark because my sister and older brother and I have similar marks our our faces). Then, of course, she had to show her a blush and recommend a honey-based cleanser for her face. We bought the concealer, and got samples of the cleanser and blush. Then at about 3 PM, we rolled into TGI Friday's for lunch, because we were both tired and sore and in no mood to cook anything. Once home, after eating most of our Cobb Salads and boxing the remainders to carry home, we sat to watch television, during which I fell asleep. The rest of the day conntains more mundane details.

Monday Morning Bible Study at the church was better attended today than last week, and enjoyable. We covered the calming of the sea, today, and somehow I managed to make a point that was appreciated. I'm not sure that had ever happened in the past. After the study was done, we drove down to Kohl's to get appropriate garments to wear for the upcoming Renewal of Lawson and Megan's Wedding Vows. I was able to buy some very nice dress shirts. I didn't realize they were long-sleeved, but they will do. I also didn't know they were as expensive as they were, for the sport shirts I had bought recently cost only half that much! Becky was unable, though, to find a skirt. Apparently, women don't wear skirts anymore, the saleswoman said. Well, they can't wear them can they if the stores will not sell them. We ate lunch afterward at Ruby Tuesday's (Garden Bar and water), then bought a Starbucks coffee on the way home. That's about it for today.

Friday the 13th came on a Sunday this month! 

We went to church in person again today, the 2nd time since lifting the non-assembly order. We had agreed with Suzanne that we would leave the church right after the service and be at her house around noon. Well, that didn't happen. We were so pleased to be able to speak with people at church again, Becky and I let the time slip and didn't leave the church until 11:45. Then we had to go home, change clothes, pick up the bacon, cheese, and avocados, and leave - after Becky found the thing she was looking for, the name of which would not come to her mind. In my frustration and hers, we completely forgot to get the Dark Chocolate Toffee Coffee! Nevertheless. we got to Suzanne's before 12:30, had a wonderful Hummus, Cheese, Avocado, and Tomato sandwich, then played Mah Jongg. Becky won the first hand, I won the second, and by then Suzanne's energy tank had run dry, so we talked for about 20 minutes and left to return home. She says that our visits and games help distract her from the constant, nagging pain that she lives with, and I do hope that is the truth. We might have to stick to Saturday or an occasional weekday to visit so that we can get there earlier in the day before she starts draining her energy. 

Today was a day of rest and some frustration. I was told that I could save my password database in Google Drive and access it from each of my four computers. That is not necessarily true, though. I can store it there, but I cannot use it from that "drive". It is for storage only. I had thought I could do it from DropBox, earlier, but unless I want to actually pay to add my fourth computer, it was not possible. Not only can I not use the database stored in Google Drive, but I cannot connect the fourth computer to it. The first three found the same Google Drive account, but the fourth found only an empty drive which I accessed with the same UN/PW. Aye, there's the rub! Now I'm wondering if I can get all four computers connected to OneDrive, yet another cloud storage "drive" that I have used in the past and still have hundreds of files residing.

Here it is, Friday, and I've finally decided to get a haircut and get my beard shortened to a more respectable length. Since my usual barber establishment still will not touch facial hair, I went to a completely different shop. A more traditional barbershop that I had seen the day we opened our checking and savings accounts in Asheville, named Joe King's, was staffed by three woman barbers. Two of them had customers and one did not. She stood from her chair and gestured for me to be seated. She turned out to be an artist, skilled at sculpting a good-looking beard from the 18-month growth I had been sporting since January of last year. I don't weigh much less than before I walked into the shop, but I sure felt immensely lighter walking out. On Sunday I bet there will be many heads turning toward me as I walk into church, for those who have seen me through the year had seen a shaggy person reading Compline on Facebook Live. Even last week, when we went to church for the first time since the Great Separation, I had not found the barber who would trim my beard. I'll have to introduce myself to our new Rector all over again.

Another Thursday, another trip to the Allergy Partners, but today was a little different. As we drove toward the river, I saw a train, mostly hidden by trees, on the tracks beside the road. We crossed under a railroad trestle, but that wasn't where the train was. The road bent to the right and ran beneath another trestle, and the train was on that trestle. As we left the riverside roadway and turned onto the road that crosses the river, the train sounded its whistle. We crossed the river, turned onto Riverside Drive, drove parallel to the train at a slightly faster rate of speed, and I knew even then that we had no hope of crossing the track. We rounded the traffic circle, exiting on the road that was blocked by the train, and we stopped behind two cars already waiting at the crossing. I counted four locomotives and nine freight and tank cars and after about three minutes the gates lifted and we crossed the tracks. Another half mile and we were in the allergist's parking lot. That was the first time we've been stopped by a train in several years. Leaving there was not as noteworthy, other than on the way home, we stopped at Starbucks and redeemed enough of my collected Stars to pay for two cups of coffee.

I awoke with a recorded BP of 80/60. My primary care has said that if I'm OK with it being that low, he's not worried about it. I rather like the lower pressure. In the evenings, it's up around 110/78, which is still low for most people, but it makes it really easy to go to sleep. Usually, after I've had my morning cup of coffee and played my morning wake-up games on the computer, the pressure is sufficient to make it through the day, though napping is often in the afternoon forecast.

I wanted to get a haircut today, but I found out that the place I have been getting it done still will not trim beards, and that is the primary reason I want to get a haircut. I do not trim my beard to my satisfaction, at least I never have. I may have to go ahead and hack it up, then when they ever relax enough to trim beards again, It will have grown back out so they can at least even it up. I wouldn't like to have to walk around with a shaggy mistake for six months, though.

Our Monday Morning Bible Study was held in person in the Fellowship Hall at church. We had 10 people in attendance with another three having joined by Zoom. I found it more beneficial for me to be in the room, for I didn't have any trouble getting to make remarks or ask questions or answer questions. After the study had ended, Becky and I drove to Papas and Beer for lunch, and it felt like old times again. Of course in the old time, we didn't attend MMBS. We only started when Rev. Milly took her post as our Rector. 

Happy Back-to-Church Day!

For the first time since the pandemic shut-down (the Great Separation, as I call it), our Bishop said we could come together for corporate worship in the church building. We didn't have a capacity crowd, but there were quite a few of us there. I had volunteered for and was selected to read the Epistle and lead the reading of the Psalm for today's worship service. The last time I had done that, over a year ago, I was alarmed at how old my voice sounded. Today, though, while I still look older than my supposed 27 years (or 74 - I've heard it both ways), at least my voice was not clouded. When we got home, I looked up the video of the service on YouTube and was surprised to see the time was listed as 6:34:26 - or some outrageous number like that. I knew we hadn't been there for over six hours, though, so I started to watch it. It lasted until about 45 seconds into my reading, then stopped completely. This was the first time the video didn't show the entire service on YouTube, so I may have broken the system (but I doubt it).

Becky and I accepted Suzanne's invitation to share some Barbecue Ribs and play some Mah Jongg. The ribs were served with potato salad, slaw, Greek salad, and pickles with Piña Colada Ice Cream for dessert. It was totally delicious! The Mah Jongg was fun. We played four hands, and I took it easy on Becky and Suzanne and only won the first two hands (Confusion and Piano Keys). Suzanne won the third hand (Betty, I think it was). The fourth hand went "to the wall", so nobody won it. I guess I'll have to lay off completely the next time we play (yeah, like THAT's going to happen).

We had a confusing day, today. First, we took the T-Shirt, that Becky had gotten by mail order, to the UPS store for a return to the vendor. The design of the shirt was right, but the ink hadn't dried from the screen printing before the shirt was folded, or at least the fabric was folded over the design. The result was that there were smears where there should only have been fabric. It wasn't as expensive to return it as it would have been to purchase the shirt, but it was decidedly easier than trying to correct the smear.

The frustrating part of the day was trying to find some barbecue to purchase for lunch. We have to be quite careful with barbecue because Becky doesn't handle strong spices. We've had very good fortune with one barbecue beef or pork source, but that source had no barbecue today (this week, they said). We did find a pork tenderloin prepped meal, though, and it sounded interesting, so we bought it. It was raw ingredients for the meal, and I felt I could follow directions well enough that I could cook it up. It turns out that I actually can follow directions. After 20 minutes, we had a hot meal on our plates, though the green beans did not meet Becky's expectations. They were al dente, a.k.a. crunchy, a.k.a. raw to her taste. I thought they were just right, having developed a liking for al dente beans. The portions of the port were just enough to be satisfying, and it turned out to be quite tender. The mashed sweet potatoes were delicious, hot, and without lumps, with just a touch of brown sugar. The beans took up half the plate, which I know to be the right proportions, but I was unable to finish the beans. Becky enjoyed everything but the beans, so between half of my portion and her full portion of beans, we will have a full meal later, with leftover beans.

We arose at 6:30 AM to be ready for when the La-Z-Boy service man got here. At 7:45 the service man called to say he was about 15 minutes away, and sure enough, he backed into our driveway at 8:00. He made quick work of the replacement, having eveyrhing done by 8:30. I'm sitting level again, and it was covered by the lifetime warrantee. After that, Becky and I went to Allergy Partners for her shots, then to Starbucks for our coffee fix, then spent the rest of the morning at home. I took a short trip to the grocery store to try to get some barbecue for sandwiches, but there was none at the Deli counter, so I made do with getting GF Oatmeal Cookies and Maple Syrup, instead.

I called the La-Z-Boy Service Center to tell them that the part for my loveseat was delivered to the house today. The woman who took the call said that the earliest she could schedule the installation for was Saturday, June 12, and that I would get a call the day before to let me know when the service man would be here. About 20 minutes after we hung up, I received a call from the service man who said he could be here tomorrow to install the new seat, and that he would be here between 7:30 and 9:30. I changed the day of installation on my calendar and thought that was the best thing that had happened to me all week. Later that evening, I received an automated call from the La-Z-Boy Service Center to tell me the same thing the service man and I had agreed on, just in case I might have forgotten. I had expected that call, so I didn't find it annoying, oddly enough.

Happy June Fools Day!

My first order of business today was to take our Saturn to AAA Auto Service to have the AC recharged. Naturally, the mechanic wanted to find out why the pressure dropped from one pound to 0.3 pounds, so he gave the system a visual inspection, found no hoses or lines obviously damaged, no couplings loose and nothing indicating that coolant had leaked out anywhere. He charged the system with dye and coolant and ran the AC for an hour to give it an adequate chance to show dye leaking or being sprayed anywhere, but found no evidence. The engine oil was a year old, so it was changed and the tires rotated as usual on an oil change, and I paid for the service. On the way home I ran the AC briefly because the outside air temperature was in the low 60s. After I got home, Becky and I got ready to go and get her allergy shots, ate lunch at our favorite restaurant, then went grocery shopping. During a phone call from Melinda, Becky's sister, I grew very weak, so I reclined in my chair and fell to sleep easily, awakening after two hours when the phone rang again. That was enough excitement for the day.