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Happy July the Last! 

At nine this morning I decided it was time to fire up the mower again and cut the grass. I did pretty well, stopping from time to time to clip some shrubs. I now have two large-ish piles of debris at the curb for pickup sometime this week. I didn't exactly hurt myself during the mowing, though I did get an insect or arachnid bite on my left upper arm. Where I did get hurt was in the garage after I was done with the lawn. As I usually do, I dropped a filthy towel onto the floor where Becky's HILDOR leaks her engine oil. I scrubbed the oil up by standing on the towel and shuffling around, which is how the towel got filthy, to begin with. Then, after picking up the towel, my shoes slipped on the floor, and I landed on my left elbow and my right thumb, wrenching my left knee in the process. My thumb is purple and numb, my elbow is a little swollen and sore, and my knee is a little reluctant to walk as briskly as usual. 

Then I drove to the store to get things we had run out of, forgetting to take my phone with me. I had intended to stop for gas on the way home, then drop into Starbucks to get a consoling cuppa for me and Becky. I forgot both until I was turning into my driveway. I went back out to get the two things I had forgotten to get, and as I was filling the tank I realized that I still didn't have my phone with me. Normally it wouldn't matter, but I use an app on my phone to pay for the coffee and collect the rewards Stars. Ordinarily, I would have gone ahead and bought two cups of coffee with cash, but my next purchase at Starbucks, using my phone, will net me 100 Stars, putting me well over the mark for a free cup.

Suzanne called Becky and me to come up for an emergency Mah Jongg session to take her mind off nagging feelings of loss and sadness. Once again, she prepared another scrumptious meal of Tomato and Cheese Open-face Sandwiches, Guacamole and Chips, and chicken salad that we brought with us. We had dairy- and gluten-free cheesecake for dessert, for this is International Cheesecake Day. As for the games, we played four. Becky won the first hand, I won the next two, then Suzanne won the last one. I hope the others enjoyed the game as much as I did. Then we sat in the living room and chatted until my eyelids started drooping. Then we drove home. 

As for our new Garmin GPS, I am enjoying it. Naturally, I tried once again to get some assistance in getting the map and software updates, and this time the techs at the store could see that I actually did purchase the unit. It still does not show up on their website when I log in. I will try again to get it to connect to the computer after I finish mowing the lawn tomorrow morning. If I'm still unable, I'll take it to the store to seek some help there. Perhaps the unit is defective in the connection software, or maybe I just haven't found the right combination of starting what first before connection. Maybe the stars are misaligned.

At 8:30 the technician from La-Z-Boy came. He made short work of changing the seatback of my leaning half of the loveseat. Even he said that replacing the seatback made no sense at all, for the seat is not supporting my weight on the left side. It's been suggested by more than a few "well-meaning" (read "cruel") friends that my left butt cheek is far too heavy, or that I'm just crooked through-and-through. One even suggested that the floor of my house is weak and spongy under the back-left corner of my chair, which could only affect the seat if it were standing on legs. It stands on a square base, not legs. Nevertheless, I have written to the Facebook LZB people who at least listen to my now constant complaining and offer whatever help they can to get it straightened out. I will not hold my breath, of course. 

In the afternoon, I drove to Best Buy to purchase a Garvin Drivesafe 65 GPS unit. I drove home using it, and it worked correctly. I was told that the first thing I should do is update the maps and software by connecting the unit to the computer. The problem is that I could not get the computer to recognize the USB connection. After several tries, I called the Geek Squad for some help. After 15 minutes of trying, the technician could not locate the unit on my list of purchases. She suggested that I take it to the store so the Techs could get it connected and updated. However, if they can do that and I remain unable to do it myself, that would mean that I would have to take it to the store for updates each year. That would not be a good solution.

I went shopping at Sams Club this morning, the most important thing on the list being new toothbrushes. Becky's Sonicare stopped charging, for some reason, but then when I placed it on the charging base it started charging. It kept charging for two days! Since they're sold in pairs, we each got new ones today. Our old ones were both white, but our new ones are Black and Pink. Becky's, of course, are pink. Now when they're placed on the charging base they will vibrate and beep a little to let us know

We arose at 6:30 so that Becky could let her sinuses finish draining before going to the dentist for a 2-hour repair to one of her new incisor caps. They have to remake the cap, and the new one will be ready for installation in September, at which time they will also fill a cavity on the cuspid next to it. She will pay only for the filling, not the new cap. She was home by 10:30, and since she had an appointment at 12:55 for her allergy shots, we leasurely lunched at TGI Fridays, then got to Allergy partners with twenty minutes to spare. When she got inside the building, Becky learned that their computer system was, once again, not operational. She returned to the car after 45 minutes, which is quite a long time for allergy shots. She's usually out in five minutes. 

I had received a request from Suzanne, this morning, that I pick up some Voltaren gel for her. She cannot take NSAIDs because she has had gastric bypass surgery and most medications irritate her pouch and can cause ulcers. Voltaren is an NSAID, but since it is applied topically, it doesn't go into the digestive tract, and very little of the drug gets into the blood system. After Becky came back to the car, then, we drove to Publix and bought the pain relief she needed and delivered it to her.

When we got back home, my lower back was quite sore, and Becky was exhausted, so we rested and napped for the rest of the day.

I awoke at my Monday-normal time of 7 AM, took the trash can to the curb, then returned to the usual morning puzzles and emails. At about 9:30, Becky and I drove down to Gold's Gym for some exercise, our first since the Great Separation. First, we checked at the desk and asked if we needed to reapply for members-privileges since we changed Medicare Providers. We were told that we would, but since the manager had just stepped into a meeting in the office, we couldn't do it today, but we were told to go ahead and do our workout today, then reapply the next time we come in. Becky got onto a stationary bike, and I took my Kindle to the treadmill. Half an hour later, our bodies wondering what in the world we had done to them, we left, drove to Starbucks, and bought some reel-good coffee to soothe the aches - at least psychologically.

I awoke at 4:30 this morning for no apparent reason, other than that my bladder was full. I emptied it and went back to bed, but not back to sleep as I had planned. Oh well, I reasoned, It's only an hour and a half before I'm due to get up anyway, so I stayed in bed and snoozed for ten minutes at a time until 5:45, and THEN I fell asleep again. I got up, did my morning routine, which on Sunday includes a shower, reheated a cup of coffee, and decided to read until Becky awoke. She was, apparently, already awake, for no sooner had I opened my Kindle than she stood in the hall doorway and waved to me. We exchanged pleasantries, then she went in to take a shower, and I dived into my book. I got bored with the book by 8:30, so I turned on the TV and tried to get interested in a program about trucks on the History channel. I guess it worked, because it was 9:30 before I knew it, and we were to have been at the church by 9:30. We got to church at 9:45 and much to my relief our choir director was just getting into his cassock. We weren't any later than he was. 

After church was over, which, by the way, was another good service, we got brunch on the way home and had a very relaxing afternoon. We both had a good nap during a program about Bigfoot. I'm sure we didn't miss anything exciting.

This morning I went to my tax-prep office to see why I haven't heard anything from the Feds, re. my amended tax return. I hadn't heard that it had been accepted because surprise-surprise, it was never sent. The reason it wasn't sent is primarily that it wasn't e-filed because I hadn't paid the fee for preparing the amendment, and the reason I hadn't paid the fee is that when I picked it up, the receptionist just handed me the package and never said I was expected to pay the fee. I had assumed that the fee would be paid from my refund, which I hadn't received yet. She also failed to tell me that I had to mail the amended return along with a check. Wow, I'm glad I didn't make those oversight errors. 

BTW, last week I actually did receive the tax refund [sigh].

Happy LunaVersary! 

The first thing this morning, I received a text from the Lazyboy people saying that the repair part would be sent out on 8/18. Not long afterward we had a visit from FedEx carrying a large box for us - from Laziness.inc. The box could only hold another seat to be installed at a later date by a qualified technician. I called for the appointment and learned that the tech in question would be here on July 29th at a time to be told us on the 28th.

About 11 AM, Becky and I drove to the Biltmore Estate, to Antler Village, for our lunaversary lunch at Cedric's Tavern. We each had the Shepard's Pie. In addition, Becky asked for an Irish Coffee and when the waitress asked if she wanted both Jamison's and Bailey's, I had suggested she agree to it. Had I been thinking more accurately, I would have suggested Bailey's only, for it's easier on the throat and Becky's digestion. I asked for Ginger's Revenge Hyacinth and Lavander Beer, which I have had before and enjoyed thoroughly. At the end of the meal, we were graced with the free Anniversary dessert, which consisted of small chocolates filled with hyacinth liquor.

Allergy shots for Becky opened our activity for today, followed shortly by a trip to Best Buy to pick up the keyboard that I bought last night online. For only $17, I got what I think is the nicest keyboard I've used in years. The keys are NOT the usual Chicklet-style keys, but full traveling keys with hollow faces. Not only is it a very pleasant keyboard to use, but unlike its predecessor in my Linux desktop system, it doesn't spit out unwanted characters all the time, doesn't scroll the screen up and down while I'm typing in the blind, and it doesn't erase the end of the sentence in which I'm correcting the middle. Best Buy Essentials, it's called. 

On the way home, we stopped at Starbucks, then the car wash, and that was to have been the day's outing. But wait! I got a hankering for some Pork Barbecue, and because there was none to be had at our grocery store (deli nor can), I compensated by purchasing a gluten-free cheesecake from their Gluten-Free refrigerator (yes, they have one right out front). While I was there, of course, I bought everything else on the shopping list on our cell phones and returned to home without incident. The cheesecake, by the way, was delicious!

La-Z-Boy responded to the Better Business Bureau yesterday, and as you might expect, they have ignored the beginnings of my anger, that being that their refusal to consider that I might be telling the truth. Their rebuttal stressed that the store, through the Service Center, will make every effort to correct the problem, even saying that I will not have to pay for the repairs, as alleged by the Corporate Office. They don't acknowledge that I have been getting a run-around for several weeks now, that my scoliosis is being exacerbated by the uneven seat or that I have gotten three weeks of comfortable use of my very expensive furniture. They said that they will send a chairback to my home, and a repair technician to install it. How do they expect a chairback to straighten a crooked seat or base frame?

So I wrote my own rebuttal, to their rebuttal. I'll let them waste their money, I guess, and then when they try to say it's been over a year and they will start charging for repair labor, Small Claims Court will come into play.

Today I finally got some kind of tax refund. Wow, after all this time. Now I have to consult my tax prep pro and find out if it is the correct amount, and if not what do I do? 

Becky and I were called up to Suzanne's house for an "emergency Mah Jongg" session. We were able to play five hands this time, a bit more than usual. Becky won the first two, I won the next two and Becky took the fifth. I won't go into the details of the Emergency nature of the visit, but suffice it to say that by the time we arrived, I felt sure the emergency would pass very quickly if it hadn't already. We had a wonderful lunch of open-face Bacon, Turkey, Ham, and Cheese sandwiches served with olives and pickles. It's one of Suzanne's wonderful spur-of-the-moment lunches that I find irresistibly delicious.

I took our Toyoda to the dealer for an oil change. I know, it's likely the most expensive place to take it for routine maintenance. In this case, though, they found several items that hadn't been done when it passed its second 100-thousand-mile checkup. They have \been done, and I still have my sanity. After losing $3,100 in a La-Z-Boy swindle, a mere $500 maintenance bill doesn't phase me. Tomorrow I get to see what the furniture thieves told the Better Business Bureau to try to justify their thievery, and then I can get an attorney to represent me in Small Claims court.

I awoke at six, this morning, decided that since I had taken a shower yesterday, I needn't get up this early. I went back to sleep until seven. When I did get up, my face felt swollen. When I looked in the mirror, my face was, indeed, swollen. I didn't think I would be able to open my left eye! I took another dose of Allegra and hoped for the best. by the time we got to church three hours later, my upper eyelid was raising enough that I could see relatively clearly, though the lower one was (and still is, this evening) swollen and interfering with any slightly downward vision. All plans for today were cancelled after church.

I was up by 7, had my morning solitaire games won, all but one, by 7:15, finished the crossword puzzle before 7:30, and breezed through the jigsaw puzzle by 7:45. Then I shut everything down and went to the living room to read. At 9 I noticed that rain was predicted somewhere between 10 and 11, so I changed into my "gardener's uniform", jockeyed the cars around so I could get the lawnmower out of the garage, filled the fuel tank, and started mowing by 9:15. As I mowed, I noticed there was a swarm of gnats around my face, so I took the towel that I hang on the mower handle and wiped my face to try to dry the perspiration and maybe get the gnats away. It seemed to work several times. The front lawn was finished by 10, and I spent at least 45 minutes hacking down the jungle that had grown at the gate to the backyard so I could even enter the yard. Of course, I don't have anything to carry large amounts of trimmings in, so I would fill one hand to capacity, walk it out to the curb, return to the jungle and load up again - over and over and over! When I could finally get into the backyard, I mowed about a third of the lawn, decided that was good enough because it had grown so little since the last mowing, cleaned up the mower, and declared it done. Now my face itches!

Another day of rest and recuperation, and I'm starting to feel much better at this point. I slept almost eight hours, two hours longer than my norm, and still did a fair bit of napping, during the morning. My mind and body didn't want to awaken. In the afternoon, I realized why my neck has been in pain lately. I refuse to sit on our new (broken) love seat and instead have been using the old Franklin rocking recliner that we brought up with us from Becky's house in Dorchester after we got married. It's a good chair like I think I said yesterday, but the position it was in relative to the television kept my neck at an angle. Rather than sitting crooked on the chair any longer, I decided to turn the table parallel to the wall, then turn the chair fully toward the TV. That was five hours ago, and since then my neck has relaxed and stopped hurting. I'm very glad to have done that.

Becky and I went to the Allergy Partners' office again today for her shots, and stopped by Starbucks on the way back home, which is our occasional practice. I spent much of the day sitting in our old, single rocking recliner, a Franklin that was part of Becky's house when we got married 20 years ago, now. Its seat is straight and it's a far more comfortable chair than the new one with the "Hobblty-Hoi" seat that threatens my spinal posture with collapse. I've also been trying to de-stress from yesterday's adrenaline-laden madness as I spoke with person after person intent on making me regret ever thinking of buying such a horrible piece of junk.

Today started out rough with a call from La-Z-Boy. As you may recall, I've been doing battle with them over the leftward tilt of the left chair of our new Rocking Power Recliner Loveseat. It was "repaired" once by replacing the cushion, which did not fix the problem. For a month, I've been sending photos, placing phone calls, answering them, and getting nowhere. This morning, then, they called me to let me know they have reviewed my service claim and decided - pause here for effect - to charge me for subsequent repairs to the same chair. Their "lifetime" warranty is, apparently, a very limited lifetime warranty. So I have a three-month-old, unusable $3,027.99 piece of junk. 

"I want my money back!" says I. 

"Would you like to call Corporate?" says the "service" center representative. 

I called Corporate and when their phone was answered, there was only background noise on the line. I said, rather loudly, "Don't just answer the phone, but TALK TO ME!" Someone started whispering on the other end. "Hello?" It turned out there was, eventually, a humanoid voice claiming she DID have the phone to her mouth. I had to ask three times what her name was, didn't understand it any of the three times that I think she said anything, and I gave up. I asked what company she worked for, and you would have thought I had insulted her the way she answered, in full voice, "LAZYBOY!" Our conversation went downhill from there, and when I told her I wanted them to take their \broken chair back and give me a full refund. "You'll have to contact the store for that!" 

Guess what - The store said they were not allowed to receive returned furniture, words to the effect that Corporate forbids it. 

Wow, was (am) I ever angry!

Friday the 13th came on a Tuesday this month! 

We started the day with the customary allergy shots for Becky, then made our way back home. Once home, I realized that we were short of meals for the week, so I struck out for the stores. First I visited the World Market to get some Torani syrups, then Cracker Barrel for some Ginger Beer that was suggested by our favorite hobbits, Merry and Pippin (Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd) on their podcast, The Friendship Onion. From there I drove to Publix for the more usual groceries. Much of the rest of the day was unexciting, except after dinner when I tried the Ginger Beer. It's non-alcoholic and it still costs $3 per bottle! It has a nicely noticeable strength of ginger and more carbonization than I had expected. I found it very good, but I cannot justify the expense, so I will likely not buy any more of it.

I awoke at 7 AM to put the trash can on the street, then sat down to look at my email, but napped instead. I spent much of the morning asleep or nearly so, staying home from Bible Study, then decided to watch a movie. After a pizza for lunch, we watched the movie we had intended to watch before lunch, for after we had just started the movie we received a phone call that lasted through lunch. After the movie was over, we watched a video of Sir Richard Branson's flight into space aboard Virgin Galactic. Those are the highlights of the day.

I looked at the TWAG (This Week at Grace) to see if we were supposed to wear masks today. The first paragraph said masks are required. Halfway down the page, a point to which I didn't continue to read because I had found the answer, it said that the Bishop has suspended the mask mandate. Becky stayed home because she had vertigo, but also because singing in the mask has caused her body temperature to rise, and her fanning herself in the choir has been identified as a distraction to the organist. So I went alone and learned that masks are no longer required then blamed Becky's absence solely on vertigo. 

Our planned visit to Suzanne's was canceled due to her illness, but since we hadn't read the text before we had left home, she sent us home with a container of the meal she had prepared. It was delicious!

We drove down to Cracker Barrel in Simpsonville to meet with our niece, Mari, her two sons, Austin and Martin, and her daughter, Bella (Isabel). The children are 20, 16, and 8, respectively. They are all very attractive, intelligent and while Bella was a little stand-offish with us, she still gave us hugs without having to be cajoled, while the two boys were very outgoing, interactive, and were wonderful to talk with. The boys did not grow up with a fear of people, to be sure, while Bella was exposed to some really poor examples of people, especially men I think. When she gets to know us better, I feel certain she will interact better with us.

Today, the 8th day since the technician from La-Z-Boy came to evaluate the failure in my chair, I had still not heard what, if anything, they are planning to do about it. I wrote an unkind email to their service center to say that I am increasingly displeased with the company generally and with this love seat specifically. The thing is just three months old and is exacerbating the pain that I feel from the lumbar scoliosis that has bent my lower spine severely. A few hours later, I got a call from the service center to say that they have been extremely busy, they were trying to decide the correct course of action, they are having difficulty getting the parts - and a few other excuses which I did not accept. I hope (against hope, of course) that they don't just try to replace the cushion again. It didn't work the last time. 

After Becky's allergy shots this morning, we went to the grocery store for some much neaded items. When we got home, no sooner had we walked into the house than the phone rang. It was Suzanne telling us she was up and about and in good enough condition to play Mah Jongg and share lunch with us. After we stowed our groceries, then, we got back into the car and drove to her house, enjoyed a lunch of chicken salad on toast, cole slaw, olives, pickles and our libation of choice. We played five hands of Mah Jongg, of which I won the first two, Suzanne won one, and Becky won two. Then after chatting for a while, we returned to our home and took a nap. (We do that a lot, these days).

We had planned to visit with Suzanne today, but when I arose this morning there was an email from her saying that I might want to change the date of our visit. She didn't come right out and say so, but I understood that she was in no condition to receive guests today. We deferred our visit until tomorrow, provided her condition will allow it then. We'll delay it one day at a time until it comes to pass. 

Then, with nothing better to do, we watched our recorded TV shows including, in the end, the movie, Matrix. We hadn't watched that one for several years, and I found it as riveting as the first time I saw it.

Another Tuesday, another trip to the Allergists. This morning's appointment was 11:50, and since we were so near to TGI Friday's already, we ate lunch there. After lunch, we visited the Mission Pharmacy (run by Mission Hospital) to see if Becky's preferred antacids had arrived as ordered. They had not, so we asked if they had Cepacol, Becky's preferred cough suppressant for church. They had none. so we bought two mini-York Peppermint Patties and called it even. Then we stopped at a drugstore and bought two boxes of Cepacol. That was our morning outing. 

This afternoon, my eyes were itching really badly so I asked Becky where our eye drops were that I recalled (however right or wrong) having purchased recently. They apparently do not exist, so I went to the drugstore again and bought two bottles of them. Since I was unsupervised at the drugstore, I also bought two bags of M&Ms (Coffee and Caramel). The rest of the day was trying to catch up on our recorded TV programs between phone calls. 

One of the phone calls was something that we had intended to do for several weeks, now. We received an email from our eye doctor saying It was time to get our eyes checked again. We called their office and were told they would call us back since nobody was in the office at the time of our call. We did receive their call back and made an appointment at the earliest possible date, September 7th. I guess the days of prompt doctor appointments is over for good.

While Becky and I were sitting and watching the television, I felt a sharp pain in my left forearm. Upon touching the area, I was able to feel a very strong pulse. It felt like rigid lumps rising with each pulse. It was a hyper-palpable pulse. As I felt it, I noticed it relaxed and faded into a more normal pulse. I didn't feel any other discomfort accompanying the painful pulse, so I'm not overly concerned about it, just curious as to what might have caused such a thing. I have posted the occurrence on the Patient Portal to my Primary Care Physician, and will likely get a response tomorrow if he is at all alarmed by it. 

Other than putting the trash and recycling at the curb this morning and retrieving the empty cans this afternoon, I had no occasion to leave the house today, which was a good thing. Two-thirds of the way through one of my favorite podcasts I found myself falling asleep and opted to move to the recliner because it would be much more comfortable. It was, and I was able to sleep without fear of falling to the floor. By the time Becky had moved to the recliner and fallen asleep, I was awake again. This evening, with both of us having been better rested than we were when we arose from our bed, we're doing our daily routines later than normal. We will, eventually, get done and go to bed, hopefully not to have a repeat tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day! 

To celebrate the 4th of July properly, we attended church and sang in the choir. It was the second time since the Great Separation, and the third time our Rector's husband, himself a Presbyterian Minister, preached. Also, there was a young priest who officiated the service and said the Mass. Rumor has it he may be our new Priest Associate, someone to share the burden of ministry and east the workload of the Rector (Priest-in-Charge). We've heard him preach, and he's quite good in a style that complements our Rector's style. 

After church, we went to Suzanne's for a wonderful lunch. Her brother, Brian, was Grillmaster, producing hamburgers, both beef and Turkey/Pork mix. Naturally, all the usual fixings were available to dress the burgers, with pickles, olives, a fruit platter, and some wonderful sauce that our friend Hank made. The Ginger Beer was a huge success, everyone giving it a passing grade. Suzanne even gave the Hyacinth/Lavendar flavor an "OMG" rating. BTW, she has a strong dislike for beer, but she said she would drink that one along with the Cranberry/Herb one. 

Becky, Mike, and I played five hands of Mah Jongg. I won one hand, and the others won two each. It was fun, but I had felt increasingly mentally compromised as we went along, so we stopped after the fifth hand. The supposed compromise faded quickly after I stopped putting demands on my brain, so no harm done, I suppose.

Today I laid in a supply of gluten-free hotdog and hamburger buns for use in tomorrow's feast. Since I was at the grocery store anyway, and since we had eaten the last of our Amy's Meals, I bought more of them. I also filled Yoda's tank again, though I had enough fuel for over 120 more miles. It was the first fill-up since just before our trip to Columbia and back last weekend. We've enjoyed watching The Friendship Onion podcast on YouTube with Dominic Monaghan and Billy Boyd (a.k.a. hobbits Merry and Pippin). In Episode 3 that we watched tonight, they had as their first guest Elijah Wood (a.k.a. Frodo Baggins). It's fun watching them compare and contrast their experiences while filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Episode 4 will be a continuation of their discussion with Elijah, so tonight was a cliff-hanger.

This morning, at 3:45, the electricity failed. Since we sleep with CPAPs, electric power is necessary, and after struggling to breathe for 15 minutes I awoke, ripped the headset from my head, and awakened Becky to let her know the power was off. I tried to go back to sleep without the CPAP but found that I could not, so I got up and sat in a recliner. Since my regular loveseat recliner is sitting crooked again (the new loveseat that we had just bought in March), I was sitting in the white, vinyl one that wouldn't recline very far because it hits the windowsill, so I didn't sleep much if any. Becky found that the 7-Day battery that is supposed to power the chair in the event of a power failure, would not recline the chair at all, so I know Becky didn't sleep. She sat there for about 30 minutes, then went back to bed. I gave up trying to sleep and returned to bed at six o'clock. I slept until seven and again gave up due to arthritis pain in my neck. 

After dozing through several television shows mostly due to the heating pad I had wrapped around my neck, we drove to Ginger's Revenge, a microbrewery near our house, met the exceedingly happy barmaid, Tammy, sampled their gluten-free ginger beer, and found them all to my liking. Becky had a strong preference for the one we had shared at Cedric's Tavern on our anniversary. The flavors are Original (like strong ginger ale), Lime Agave (just a hint of lime), Cranberry Herb (cranberry and rosemary), and Becky's favorite, Hyacinth Lavender. Since we're coming up on July the Forth and a dinner invitation at Suzanne's, and since at least five of us enjoy different drinks, I intend to take the four-pack of ginger beer that I bought today. I figure we will be sharing small tastes of each bottle through the meal.

Happy July Fools Day!

Today the La-Z-Boy technician came to investigate the second failure of my side of the reclining loveseat that we had bought in the middle of March and received on the 17th day thereof. On the 3rd of June, the sagging seat was replaced with a new seat. That seat lasted a week before it, too, sagged on the left side. That would indicate to me that the seat isn't the problem, but the frame to which it is attached, so when I was asked if I wanted the seat replaced again or maybe the entire seat structure, I opted for the entire structure. It may well be another month before the replacement arrives, and it may well come with installation instructions, but I will have the technician install it anyway because I'm not paying $3,100 for a loveseat *AND* repairing it myself after three months of use, especially since it has a lifetime guarantee.