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  • February 28, 2021

    Happy February Last!  Church, this morning, seemed to take me back to when I was first introduced to the Episcopal Church. I had no appreciation for the different seasons of the church year, and since it was Lent when I decided to make the change, that was my first taste of its liturgy. Now I feel the nostalgia every year at the start of Lent. As for the homily, Mother Milly did not disappoint. She made a point that I had been thinking for many years, now, that when Jesus said to Peter, "Get behind me, Satan," he was telling Peter to "Get in line! Don't try to take over." Otherwise, if Peter had actually been Satan, putting him behind himself, Jesus would have been placing himself in mortal peril, the very peril that Peter was trying to say God should forbid. I think this was the first time I had heard anyone confirm my interpretation.

  • February 27, 2021

    This morning, we arose with a little excitement, got dressed in the prescribed short-sleeved shirts, then just sat around. I felt as though I didn't want to be involved in anything because we had a very important date - a date with needles. At about a quarter after 11am, we drove to the Reuter Center at UNCA, sat in the car and waited for 11:30, then went into the Center and checked in for our first Covid-19 Vaccination. I was done getting the shot before Becky was, even though they had to give me special instructions because of my being on blood thinners. They even kept me in my seat for two minutes with pressure on the injection site, then put a pressure bandage on it and had me sit until 30 minutes past the injection time. Becky, on the other hand, I'm sure kept the nurses talking, so she joined me in the waiting area after I got there. she could have left 20 minutes before I could, but she would have been just sitting in the car and waiting for me there, so she stayed. We checked out, got our injection card for this time to prove we got the shot (What? I wouldn't remember?) and a reminder for the next shot on March 24. So we're on our way to added protection against the Pandemonic (sic). My arm is sore, my body temperature dropped to 97.4 and I felt body aches, so I took some Tylenol to bring my temperature back up to a more normal reading, and now I don't feel achy any more. I had already started to despair of ever getting the vaccine, and now I need to check out of the other two waiting lists we've signed up with, just to be fair.

  • February 26, 2021

    In anticipation of being less than 100% functional Sunday due to our impending Covid-19 shots Saturday (tomorrow), we visited Suzanne today to share lunch and a few games of Mah Jongg. It turned out that Suzanne couldn't eat for a variety of medical reasons, so the food I brought was assembled by Suzanne with a few ingredients that she supplied, and Becky and I enjoyed openface sandwiches of Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Tomatoes, Avocados and Bacon on Gluten Free Rye-Style bread. We played four games of Mah Jongg, of which Becky was East for the first hand, which Suzanne won, so East passed to me. For the uninitiated, the East player basically directs the game and tries to keep the other players in check. I won the next three hands (Piano Keys, Doublets with duplicates and Doublets without duplicates). Yeah, I'm sure most people wouldn't understand much of the technical parts of the game, so I put it in here, anyway. I'm sure you could look it up on line if you're really interested. If not, well, I'm sorry.

  • February 25, 2021

    The Allergy Partners were closed down again because of a power failure to their building. Maybe they're on the Texas power grid? So for the second time this week, Becky did not get her shots. BUT speaking of shots, Becky and I both got calls today from MAHEC, the third place we signed up for Covid-19 vaccinations, and we have appointments for Saturday, Feb 27, and for March 24! Now all we have to do is make sure we don't miss them for any reason. Then, after we get the first shot, we will call or go on line to release our spots in the Ingles Pharmacy and Buncombe County lists for the same shots. We are relieved to have, at least, appointments.

  • February 24, 2021

    I had an appointment with my Urologist, today. As the nurse was taking my vitals and reviewing my prescriptions, another nurse wheeled in an ultrasound machine. "Oh, we won't need that," nurse #1 said, "Mr. Smith is only here for an extraction." I asked what, exactly, were they going to extract, and she asked, if I had a catheter. When I told her it had been extracted a month ago, she was confused. Better her than me, I thought. I was sent to empty my bladder, and as usual when I am so instructed, I don't feel as though I have anything to empty. This time, though, I filled the spec. cup and continued emptying. When Nurse #2 came back in to do the ultrasound, she said she was going to examine my bladder to see if I retained anything. I hadn't retained more than 2ml. Anyway, the doctor was pleased with my progress, and said I had to return in three months for my annual exam. He said that I was doing so well, there was no need for a follow-up in three months, so he'll sneek that in as an annual wellness visit. It's been a wonderful recovery. I'm sorry is this was, again, too much information.

  • February 23, 2021

    Happy Lunaversary!! Last Sunday, I had a failure of my 1TB External Hard Drive (Ext.HDD). It has been refusing to record backup files for a few months, now, and I had thought that the format had been corrupted. In essence, it had been, because the drive was failing. Well, it is several years old, so it shouldn't have been a surprise. When I realized that it was failing (I formatted it and it immediately didn't record the backup file), I ordered a 500GB Solid State Drive (SSD) from Amazon. They said I could expect delivery the following Saturday. Then on Monday morning, I received an email from Amazon that said I could expect delivery of the SSD on Wednesday, Feb. 24. It actually arrived today. Then the fun began. I slid the neoprene cover off of the case of the defunct drive, removed three screws, pried open the case (lots of loud snapping as the catches released without damage), lifted out the neoprene drive jacket thus unplugging the drive from its circuit board, then reversed the process to insert the new SSD into the old case. It works! I now have a backup drive that I can rely on to actually record the data!

  • February 22, 2021

    I have had to bite my tongue a lot today. I made someone cry a few months ago when I made an unkind comment about her favorite US President, but somehow she doesn't object to the way she slams our present President and his Vice President. I wanted so badly to comment, "You've broken my heart by saying bad things about our President," but I refrained, because it would start a flame war and *I* would be in fakebook jail!

  • February 21, 2021

    Church, this morning, was wonderful. This being the first Sunday in Lent, we started off with the Great Litany, and for added interest the Homily was delivered by The Right Rev. Jennifer Baskerville-Burrows, who was spell-binding! After the service, as we usually do, we switched off the TV/YouTube and fired up our computer so we could attend the Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom. Alas, we were the only people in the Zoom meeting, so after waiting 10 minutes for someone else to arrive, we decided it was lunchtime.

  • February 20, 2021

    We were invited to lunch and to play Mah Jongg at Suzanne's today, so we drove up armed with two used cell phones, a USB-2.0 to USG Type-C adapter and a bag of Chocolate-Cherry Coffee. The coffee, at least, was a success. Out of four cell phone users, they all had very new phones, so I couldn't give mine away, and the adapter would plug a new phone with a Type-C USB port into a USB-2.0 jack, but it was supposed to plug a USB-2.0 plug into a Type-C jack! I guess I'm back to shopping for the right adapter.

  • February 19, 2021

      After getting sufficient proof of insurance from our new Medicare provider, we paid another visit to Allergy Partners so they could have the numbers on record and actually get paid for the shots that Becky has been receiving all year. From there, we went grocery shopping to get the three things I failed to buy yesterday. We came home with one bag full of "three" things. Oh well, we see things that we weren't planning to buy, and we pick them up when the urge strikes.  I watched a review of another Linux distribution that looked very attractive. In order to see if it was as good or better than MX Linux, which I've been using for almost two years, now, I downloaded the .iso file, loaded it into a USB memory stick and booted up my laptop with it in LIVE mode (OS not installed, but working from the USB). It looked as good as it had in the review. Next, I wanted to see if it would work in my Toshiba, which I have maintained as a test bed for possible changes. It would not even boot up from the USB, so I'm guessing that as attractive as I find it, I will not be using it in any of my computers. There are times when I prefer to use the Toshiba because of its light weight, which makes it easier to carry on vacations (not that we've left home in over a year, now).  

  • February 18, 2021

      I now have two computers that will not perform a backup operation. They both used to do a weekly backup, but now it's as though someone has stripped their reverse gear! The drives they're connected to are both good, but for some reason the address of the destination for the data gets corrupted each time, and even when I correct the address, it says it cannot do it because of a file format, or some such excuse. It isn't supposed to care what is in the file or how it's formatted, just copy the stupid thing! //  Other than that, I think I'm ready to shift the computers to Solid State Drives (SSDs) for faster access. They aren't super expensive, but I'll have to transfer one at a time. Naturally, I'll let the Geek Squad transfer my Windows system, because I have no idea how to do that. // 

  • February 17, 2021

    This morning, we paid a visit to our Chiropractor. As usual, he filled us in on all the goodies he learned about Covid-19, including that taking at least 4,000 IU of Vitamine D3 will likely prevent catching the virus (as well as the Flu, which is another Covid virus). I'm already taking 5,000 IU, and Becky will double her 2,000 IU starting tomorrow, just in case. He also said that since MAHEC is starting to administer the vaccine at UNCA, and people seem to be getting their shots much faster from them, that we should also get on that list, too. When we got home, I registered Becky and me for the vaccine on the MAHEC list, and of course checked "YES" when they asked if we were already patients of MAHEC (we are Dental patients of theirs), and that we're both over 65 and I have at least one condition (Heart Disease) that places me in a higher risk category. We'll see what happens. //  I was looking for an adapter (USB 2.0 to USB Type-C) and "found one" at BestBuy. Their website said they had only one in the store, so I quickly bought it, arranging to pick it up curbside. They said it would be available after one hour, and they would email me with instructions where to park and how to tell them I was there to pick it up. I drove to the store and waited in their parking lot. At the one hour mark, I received an email telling me that they didn't have it available in the store, but they would let me know when they get one. I drove home, sent them a Nasty-Gram to express my opinion of their Customer Service, lack of commitment to an order received and accepted, and so forth. Then I got onto their website again, intending to cancel the order, and found that they could deliver it to me tomorrow. I opted to let them deliver it to me at their expense, and I hope it costs them an arm and leg to do so. //  For the past month, I've been trying to get this Blog to work the way I want it with my new template. I finally asked our cousin, Valerie, herself a Joomla Guru, how to do it. I gave her Administrator rights to the page, and she fixed it so that at least February is displaying correctly. I tried to replicate her work for the other months, but I may have more work to do on those months, but I won't know until March 5th! Woosh me luck (as they say in Hoosier-land). //   

  • February 16, 2021

      Happy Mardi Gras! I hope your Pancake Supper was delicious. We didn't make pancakes, because our mix would have made 12, and we're only good for eating two apiece, so we'd have to freeze the other 10. It doesn't explain why we didn't do it, though. We also didn't make (or buy) a king cake. I guess we just ignored the day altogether. //  Becky got her allergy shots again today. As we sat in the car afterward, i noticed some very tiny snowflakes falling. The temperature was 30. Two hours ago it was 28, but felt like 17. The forecast calls for 21 at daybreak. On the way home, we stopped by Starbucks to get our usual "After Shots Comfort" drink, then stayed home for the rest of the day, as usual. // 

  • February 15, 2021

      Beware the Ides of February! We've had a busy day, today - well, at least I have. Becky and I met with about 20 members of our church, the Rector included, for a Bible Study at 10:30am, then after a large lunch of salad (left over from yesterday), I drove to the collision repair center (a body shop by any other name couldn't charge as much, I think) to get an estimate on the damage on Yoda's left flank. It'll cost a little over $1,300, and the other driver's insurance will pay the charges. They will schedule it some time in April, but push it back as far as they can toward February as time slots become available due to early completion or cancellations. //  From there, I drove to Spectrum to exchange our DVR box for one that actually works. When the guy scanned the bar code on my failed unit, my account came up on his computer, and he didn't question a thing (the technician I spoke with over the phone had documented the failure quite well). He took the failed box and gave me a "new" one. //  Then on my way home, I dropped two bills into the mail box at the post office. //  It doesn't really sound that busy, when written out like that, but considering I normally make one-destination trips these days, it was a lot for my memory to keep track of. // 

  • February 14, 2021

      Happy Valentine's Day! Church was good as it has been with our new Rector. One of these days we're going to get to see how she handles a room full of people, rather than an empty room to preach in. I have no doubt it will be even better than the televised services have been. After church, our Virtual Coffee Hour was good, too. We saw at least one person we hadn't seen since we became virtual, and we had a good discussion about the sermon and the Tabernacle Groups that have been enacted to enrich our worship experience. Someone asked what we were doing for Valentine's Day, and one couple said they were going to a restaurant for the first time since the Great Separation. Another said they were getting a carry-out meal. That started us thinking that we were due for another such carry-out meal, so I picked up my new cell phone - the one in which I had not set up the TGI Friday's App yet - and fussed & fumed for an hour trying to log into the app. I looked at their website and found no help, nor did I find any phone number to call to get some help. So I called the restaurant and spoke to the manager, got the phone number for Corporate HQ and gave them a call. //  I changed my password, which I was supposed to have been able to do in the app, but couldn't, and logged on. I ordered the meal, at 1:30, was told it would be about 30 minutes to prepare it, and gave me instructions to click on "I'm Here" when I parked, for curbside pickup. I got to the store about 10 minutes early, clicked "I'm Here", and sat and waited until about 50 minutes later, when I called the restaurant and asked when my meal would be ready. The woman asked for my name, and when I gave it to her, she said, "I'll bring it right out". I guess they had to wait until the meal had cooled sufficiently so it wouldn't burn my lap if I decide to carry it home that way. I got it home, reheated it in the microwave, and was too frustrated to eat more than 1/4 of it. Y'all know me, if I cannot eat, I'm REALLY upset.  //   

  • February 13, 2021

      Friday the 13th came on a Saturday this month! Well, after one week with our DVR and Spectrum TV service, I've decided the DVR is defective. I knew, when I unpacked it, that it had been used before, and I was hoping that it was certified to be 100% good-as-new. It wasn't. When I set up to record a TV show, like Wheel of Fortune, I could select the start time As Scheduled, or 1, 2 or 5 minutes before. Likewise, the stop time could be As Scheduled, or 1, 2 or 5 minutes after. We set them all to start 2 minutes before scheduled start time and to end 2 minutes after scheduled end time. Wheel of Fortune has already played the first game before it started to record! Similarly with Jeopardy, they're already into play before the recording starts. Other shows, we noticed, stopped short (to make up for starting late, I guess), so instead of a wrap-up of the show, it just stops. //  The "cure" for the DVR is relatively simple. I unhook it, carry it to the store (about a 20 minute drive), and exchange it for one that hopefully will work. Naturally, they might accuse me of setting it up wrong, and as naturally, I will accuse them of not giving me ANY instruction books! // 

  • February 12, 2021

      Today we had a calm morning, so I thought I'd shake things up a little and go to Publix for some food that I didn't get the other day when I went to the store for groceries. Then, after lunch, I ventured forth to a different store - the ABC Store. //  While watching Oak Island and seeing one of the auxiliary searchers talking about "It's Crow time", I learned that Crow is Rye Whiskey. I had never tasted Rye Whiskey, and always the thought of it had left a bad taste in my mouth. Of course I had heard of it ever since Miss American Pie, where the good-ole boys were drinking Whiskey and Rye, but had never been tempted to try it. So I drove to the ABC store and after searching the store in a clockwise grid, I finally saw some Rye in the last, darkest corner of the store. Compared to Bourbon, it ain't cheep - or inexpensive - but I selected a bottle of Jim Beam Rye. I mixed it the same way I would bourbon and guess what - it left a very good taste in my mouth. It's a little sweeter than bourbon. I take it, though, from the tiny three shelves in one tiny section in the corner of the store, compared to the five shelves in five sections on prominant display in the store, that Rye is not very popular in Asheville as it might be in Eastern Canada. I guess I'd better not get used to it. //   

  • February 11, 2021

      Becky got her shots again this morning, and afterward we stopped at the UPS Store to return our Dish satellite receiver. Then we returned home and had a relaxing day. //   

  • February 10, 2021

      I had a good visit with my cardiologist, this morning. He asked me about whether I was having any chest pains, difficulty breathing, or pain on exertion - none of the above. He asked if I was on a restricted diet and I told him about changing to a gluten-free diet which seemed to please him, though he made no comment. He said he had reviewed my CT Scans, from the earliest to the latest, and that the most recent one showed a slight decrease in the size of the aneurysm (which I'm told is not to be trusted - they don't shrink!). Then he told me that the Thoracic Surgeon I had been seeing has left that practice (Asheville Heart) and that he could find another to replace him. I said not to bother with that, especially with my PCP and him keeping tabs on me. I don't see paying someone else to monitor me, too. He agreed. He concluded that he doesn't see any surgery in my future for many years, and said they'd call to make another appointment in a year. //  Then I went out to the parking lot. I took a few minutes to pair my new cell phone with the car's Hands Free system, which worked perfectly the first time. I called Becky to let her know I was done and heading home, and as we were talking, I noticed a large pickup truck (I later found out it's a Ford F-150) crawling past behind me, and once clear from behind me, it stopped. After a minute, I started backing out. When I got over half of the car out of the parking space, I noticed that the truck was backing up, so I laid on the horn. The truck didn't stop, and so I pulled the car back into the parking space, but I was too late to avoid the truck striking my rear quarter panel. The initial contact was just after I had started moving forward, and there's scratch damage from the wheel well to the corner of the bumper. The old man who was driving the truck said, "I don't see how I could have done that, I was pulling into this [Handicapped] parking space". I showed him the scratches on my car and the corresponding scratches on his bumper, he admitted that he must have done it, but he didn't understand how. He hadn't heard my horn, he hadn't heard the scraping of metal on metal, he hadn't seen my car before backing into it - and he couldn't hear me when I was speaking much more loudly than normal (hyped up on adrenaline as I was). I took a photo of his vehicle registration, which gave me his name, address and Insurance company, and we ended exchanging pleasantries that I didn't really feel. //  I spoke with my insurance agent and sent her the photos I took, who referred the case to an adjuster, and later in the afternoon the adjuster called, said it was obvious that the damage shown in the photos was consistent with the narrative I had sent with the photos, and his insurance will repair the damage to my car. //   

  • February 09, 2021

      I went to the dentist this morning to get my teeth cleaned. When my new dentist walked in (we go to a dental school, where our dentists are Resident Doctors) and introduced herself, I had the thought, like most septigenarians, I guess, that they're making doctors younger every year! Now I can truly understand my mother saying that the doctor who did her cataract sergeries was "Doogie Howser". //  Anyway, when I got home FedEx was just pulling away from the curb. Becky said that she had left me a package. It turned out to be our new cell phones - Samsung Galaxy S21 5G - that we needed because our other phones were already five years old and incompatible with 5G service. I spent the day activating the phones and dumping data from the old phones into the new ones, and so forth. Funstrating! (fun when it works, frustrating when it doesn't). //   

  • February 08, 2021

      This morning, as I wheeled the trash can to the curb, i noticed that there was frost on the grass (actually it was frozen fog, I was told) that crunched nicely under foot. //  At our Bible Study, we made a breakthrough in communications. Not only were our comments heard and appreciated, but after being interrupted three times (which is usually when I say, "Forget it"), I gave it a fourth try and was successful. //  I learned that I have to be more careful in reading labels at the grocery store. I had bought two frozen meals of Lemon Grass Chicken, having failed to read the "In green curry sauce" which turned out to taste like Jalepinos. Becky toughed it through half of her bowl, and I dutifully finished my bowl and the rest of hers, then served the ice cream to cool our pallets! I didn't have much trouble with the curry sauce, other than prolific nasal drainage. Becky, on the other hand, got a glass of ice water to try to cool her mouth and throat. It didn't work, of course, but the ice cream had enough sugar in it that it took the sting out of her. //   

  • February 07, 2021

      This morning, since our church's organist is recovering from an automobile accident, she was at home, resting. as a result, we had a quasi-said service. There were some hymns sung, with pitches given from the organ by our Verger. The Music Director's wife sang a capella and led the rest of us in the hymns. After church, there were 9 of us at Virtual Coffee Hour (three of us were finishing up the communion wine, which has to be drunk or poured onto the ground). and we had a lively discussion about, what else?, Super Bowl! //  I fondly remember one church at which I was Interim Organist, where they would celebrate Souper Bowl in the fellowship hall, where attendees would purchase a hand-crafted bowl, then enjoy scratch-made soup from it as they watched the Super Bowl. //   

  • February 06, 2021

      Today I found that one of our older DVDs has some crepitus about half the way through. It hesitates, skips words or phrases, winks and blinks, then stops completely. The only thing I can think is that we might have played it a lot and maybe paused it for too long at times. I would hate to think I need to replace it. On the other hand, if I could find them again on television and record them onto our new DVR it would save the price of BlueRay discs. It would only cost us time. They're part of our annual repetition of movies. //  On the other hand, I received a new shipment of medicines from ExpressScrips, so I now have three full bottles of two different medicines, and no bottles of one of the pills that were prescribed either by the Cardiologist or the Thoracic Surgeon. I have two such prescriptions. One is to lower blood pressure and the other to slow the heartrate. They're either because of the heard disease or the aneurysm - or both. //   

  • February 05, 2021

      I took Becky for her shots, and on the way out of the driveway I wondered if we had gotten the mail in yesterday. I stopped by the mailbox and extracted three pieces of mail, one of which was for me. It was from Asheville Cardiology. They think I'm due for an appointment. In fact, I'm a coupla years overdue for my appointment, but no matter. I will see him Wednesday next at 8:20am. When Becky's time was up (anaphalactic watch time), we drove to the grocery store. $138 later we were on our way home. //  I got a call today from, caller listed as "Likely Scam". I said, "Hello Likely Scam. What's up?" Someone who sounded like an arab said he wanted to buy my house. He claimed he was working with "a local real estate agency". How could I distrust a line like that? I went into my Mad-Man Mode, told him he would never buy my house, that I wasn't selling. Then I told him I was on the Do-Not-Call list, which means I will get hundreds more such calls in a few days. //  Then we watched High Anxiety! //   

  • February 04, 2021

      This morning, we arose to temperatures of 21 degrees F. I went back to bed for another hour, and when I got up it was all the way up to 25! //  Yesterday, when I had done the laundry, I had failed to bring in the colored clothes until about 11pm, which meant I still had whites in the washing machine. Having taken the dark clothes from the dryer, I started to load the white ones into it, thinking, "Gee, these feel awfully dry!" When I saw the detergent pod in the tub, I realized why they felt so dry. I then took them out of the dryer and put them back into the washer - to be washed today! I kept an eye on the outside temperature, and when it rose to 34 degrees, I went out and started the white laundry. After all, I did want some underwear. //  For lunch, I drove to TGI Fridays and bought two Cobb Salads with Grilled Chicken. I was going to get an order of loaded potato skins, too, because I had enough rewards points to pay for them, but they are having trouble with their app, again, so I couldn't get them. Now I have even more points that I cannot use until they get their app fixed. //  I have made great strides, and think I have almost learned how to record programs on our new DVR already. //   

  • February 03, 2021

      Today I finally called Spectrum and made arrangements to swap our standard cable box for a DVR cable box. At the same time, I called to set up mobile phone service with them. In doing so, we'll be paying $5.+ more for the DVR service and will be paying $50 less for the phone service. I swapped the boxes, brought the DVR home, connected it (then read the instructions to ensure I was still not stupid) and called for Activation. The audomated activation service dumped me over to a human activator, who handed me off to a behind the scenes activator, who apparently did nothing. I waited the hour they said it might take for it to get done, then I called back. Again the automated service took a stab at it before passing me off to Chris. It took Chris 15 minutes, but he got the system up and running, and he refused to hand me off to anyone else. Well done, Chris! Since I didn't return the remote controller (they said it didn't matter), we now have His and Hers remotes. The phones will be delivered in about a week, they said, after which we will call to get them set up, and we will say B-Bye to T-Mobile. In two years, we're told the monthly cost will drop significantly. //   

  • February 02, 2021

      Happy Groundhog Day! Naturally, Becky and I enjoyed our annual watching of the movie of the same name, though I confess, I slept through part of it. //  First, though, we noticed that the street was covered in snow when we awoke, as was our front lawn, our car, and even our porch. It was a very fine, dry powder, and I was able to sweep it off the porch with no trouble at all. I even swept the walkway to the drive, but left it at that, realizing that we were going nowhere today. Becky called and cancelled her appointment, at the allergy clinic, relying on her Friday appointment being well within the two-week limit for between-shot intervals. //  I took a couple photos of the snow, and while it is not a spectacular display, it does show that the weather-guessers on the TV do sometimes get it right. They had predicted less than an inch, and that's what we got. //  I didn't get around to calling Spectrum to order the DVR and cell phone service, and have deferred that task until tomorrow. //  My ASUS laptop has been acting squirelly, since I reloaded it, and I wondered if it was because I hadn't allowed it to make the massive update since reloading the OS. I let it do the update, and it didn't cure the squirelliness, it at least did not fail immediately after. I think there might be some age-related damage inside that has been causing the problems. It's only nine years old, which is like 150 in computer years. //   

  • February 01, 2021

      Happy February Fools Day! I had in mind using a different template for this month, but it didn't work out - yet. The menu isn't working correctly, and the page isn't configured the way I want it, yet. So maybe by June (the way things seem to be going). //  We are less than thrilled with our Spectrum service as it is, now. We got so used to watching our programs on OUR schedule that we have forgotten how to watch them in REAL TIME. We will get it straightened out, of course. //  Last week, the day after my desktop computer got a massive upgrade, it wouldn't boot up, so I reinstalled MX Linux. It took a few days to identify the missing Apps, but not it's back up to speed. Yesterday, though, I got the same upgrade to my laptop computer, and, yes, today it wouldn't boot up. I have now reinstalled the OpSys, and am still identifying the Apps that my fingers think should already be there, but aren't. When I find them, all I need to do is download from the repositories and install them again. They are free, but it is a bit of a hassle. //