Blog from the Hill

We got to the Gym about an hour before the start of our Tai Chi class (actually, it's called EnerChi, which uses Tai Chi and Qi Gong motions). We started with some cardio warm-up, me on the treadmill and Becky on a stationary bike. After six minutes my heartrate had reached almost 100 bpm and I switched off the machine and started strength training. My routine on the weights lasts 3 minute on each of three machines (Pecs, Delts and Quads) and pretty much tires me out without locking me up. I always think I should be done long before the final count, but I always finish each set. _ 

While I was doing the weights, Becky was still on the bike, and I happened so spy on her a little bit while she was pedling much faster than I'd seen her doing before. (You go, Girl!). _ 

Tai Chi was fun, too. We started with a run through the full form before we started going over the various elements of it. I was pretty much amazed that I was almost able to follow the drill, and the few mistakes I made really didn't matter much. I get fairly bored by long and repetitive explanations and demonstrations, so it was a good variation to have the run-through first. Then, when I checked out, I was remembering how it felt to do the form. Hopefully, I will remember it better for having thought through it afterward.

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