April 30, 20/20

Happy Birthday, Grandma Smith!

Also, happy April the Last.

This morning I went to the store. I was the first in the parking lot, had my pick of the slips, so to speak, as close to the front as I could get without violating the handicap parking spaces. Then I sat in the car for an hour and 15 minutes because Old Fogies Early Shopping Day was yesterday! It was in the low 50s, so half way through the wait, I turned on the car and pressed the seat-heat for two minutes to take the chill off my bones.

Did you know that canned tomatoes are not on the canned fruit aisle? Well neither did I. I had to really talk myself into looking on the canned vegetables aisle. With five different brands of canned tomatoes, did you know that the only brand of diced, sun-dried ones was hunts? Well, neither did I. Did you know there are no paper products on the paper goods aisle? Everyone tells me that there is no shortage of toilet paper. Really? How about paper towels? What about tissues? (How are you fixed for sox and undies?). Also, on the same aisle, opposite side, there were no disinfectant products - no clorox wipes, no lysol, no bleach. Yeah, be sure to disinfect your cell phones, pads, computer keyboards and mice daily, ok?? What about flour? Is EVERYONE baking bread? Oh, I found plenty of flour, if you like to add half a dozen additives to it to make gluten-free bread. I was looking for Measure-for-Measure King Arthur flour, because we need to be gluten free. Nope, none of that, because everyone else, it appears, is as lazy about additives as I am when it comes to baking bread. I think there was a song, back in the 50s, about "I shudda stood in bed!" Naturally, when I got home I saw five posts on facebook about my friends who found three-packs of disinfenctant wipes at Wal-Mart. Wouldn't ya just know it!

Yesterday I reinstalled MX Linux into my laptop computer, after which I could not open Zoom! It isn't a critical part of my day, but on Sundays we "attend" Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom, after Church. Without Zoom, I'd miss out on all that social-distant-ization. Today I tried to see if I could get Zoom on my desktop computer, because the last time I tried it, I could not use it. This time, though, I installed the module, had a really crappy picture, then shut it down. But I paid attention to how I installed the module. The computer downloaded a module, and when I clicked it, it asked if I wanted to install it with GDbei Package Installer. I didn't recall that option on the laptop, so I went and got it, plugged it in (realized that it had been running for an hour without AC power - and didn't seem to care) and tried to install the module. No option other than to open it with the archive manager. I thought I was missing GDebi, but when I went to install it, I found it was there. Well, I thought, maybe it was corrupted on the reload, so I deleted it. Then I tried to reinstall it. Nope, can't do it. The computer wanted me to install GDebi-core along with it, but GDebi-core was already there - so I deleted that, too. Then I went to reinstall GDebi-core, and when I marked it for installation, the computer also marked GDebi. I installed them and guess what? Yup, it worked! I can now Zoom all I want to.


April 29, 20/20

I wanted to go to the store today, but instead I got a head start on the laundry. I even set a 1-hour timer so I would remember to put the first wash load into the dryer and start a second wash. Then two and a half hours later, I remembered that I might have some clothes in the dryer and washer, so I went out and emptied the dryer, then filled it again, along with the washer. I folded some towels and put them on the shelf in the bathroom, then went back to whatever I was doing before, which I don't remember, because after another two hours I woke up and did the dryer and washer shuffle again. Somewhere after supper I emptied the white clothes, dried and naturally cooled. You know, laundry day can be such a full-day job, if you nap enough between events.

April 28, 20/20

Today started in the 30s (outside air temperature), but an hour later it was in the 50s. From there, it took nine more hours to get up to the 70s. I thought that was weird enough, but nobody ever told me that temperature rise would be linear.

I spent ten minutes sitting on the Deacon's Bench on the porch, watching the harvest by our friends, the bees. There were dozens of bumblebees and perhaps hundreds of honey bees. The lawn was alive with buzzing of all pitches. As I watched, I started seeing pairs of bumblebees that would meet at a single flower stalk, then circle each other as they rose into the air to about three feet, then fly off in opposite directions, like boxers breaking a clinch and going to neutral corners to cool their tempers. I have, of course, no way to know if tempers were even involved in their spiraling ascent, but the sound of their wings certainly increased. I find the bees fasccinating, and very much enjoy watching them harvest the pollen.

Tonight, after Compline, Becky and I watched Blind Side, the movie about a large black man befriended and eventually adopted by a white family and turning out to be a pro football player. We had seen the movie before, but there were huge parts of it that we didn't remember ever seeing before. Usually, when a movie is broadcast on television, there are many scenes that aren't aired so that they can cram a 2.5 hour movie into a four hour time slot. We enjoyed it much more than we remembered enjoying it the first time. We still haven't seen the first 20 minutes of the movie, though, so we'll put in a request to our DVR to record it the next time it comes on.

April 27, 20/20

I paid a visit to Dr. Reilly, our Chiropractor, this morning. Not only was my back way out of whack, and I knew it was, I also had two ribs out of socket. Well, no wonder I had such a bad time of it the other morning! I told the doctor how I handled it, and he nodded, and "smeyes'd" (he and I both were masked, so I didn't see the smile, but his eyes were smiling), as if to say, "Ya done good, kid". Yeah, I know, I'm 20 years older than he is, but still...

On the way home I stopped at the grocery store and bought a pizza. We already had a pizza at home, but it was so spicey that Becky couldn't eat it comfortably. So I bought a Pepperoni Pizza. When I got home, I baked both pizzas, served half of the pepperoni one to her and took half of the other one for myself. Guess what - Pepperoni is too much spice for Becky, now. I think there's something seriously wrong with her stomach, but the doctors have scoped her out and found no disease present. She has no gall blader, so that cannot be the culpret. I hope I'm not the cause of her frequent heartburn (GERD).

This evening, we were treated to the 5th 1807 & Friends Home Concert (duet). The first piece was a two-movement cello & viola duet by L. van Beethoven Duet with Two Eyeglasses Obbligato
for viola and cello, because it both Ludwig and his friend were obliged to wear them to be able to read the notes). The second was Rondino on a Theme of Beethoven arranged for violin and cello by Fritz Kreisler. Both were very exciting to hear, and there were many good comments from those watching.

That was followed in short order by Compline, the rite to start the evening's relaxation toward a good night's rest. Unfortunately, I had just gotten my second wind, so I will have to wind down a different way.

April 26, 20/20

We're not even halfway through the year, and I'm already sorry I started writing the year 20/20. The further we go into it, the less clearly I see it. Presently, I'm not sure we'll ever get out of it.

Morning Worship on YouTube, this morning, was one of Fr. Bob's typical, and insightful sermons. He read the Gospel, first, then invited the children to "come forward" for Children's Time, and he retold the Gospel story in terms that a child can understand. Then it was "our turn" to hear the surmon, during which he retold the Gosple story three more times! Each time through, of course, he told it in a different "vernacular", so to speak. I especially enjoyed when the "Stranger" came up to the guys on the road to Emaus and said, "Hey Guys, what's happening? Why so bummed out?" or words to that effect.

Then we "attended" Virtual Coffee Hour on Zoom. At first, I could not her anyone, so I sent a chat message to say I would reboot and see if that helped. I logged off Zoom, then rather than reboot the computer, because I heard the worship service just fine, I restarted Zoom, and everything went well. Becky and I still had half a glass of Consecrated Wine and the rest of the Bread, so that was our "coffee and cookies" during coffee hour. We had a good discussion about the overnight storm about which we had been warned all day yesterday. Those in Weaverville (to our North) got "a little wind", while those in Hendersonville (to our South) got lots of wind and rain. Becky and I got a little wind before sunset, but nothing during the hours of darkness. We were fine with that, and just chalk it up to typical Mountain Area Weather Guessing (MAWG - no relation to Fritz).

However; we just watched José Andrés on Stephen Colbert's show. First of all, I was appalled that Stephen put the accent on the first syllable of each name, then gave the S's a Z sound, didn't even approximate the sound of the J, but used an H sound (HO-zay AN-drez). But then it got funny. José was showing him how to cook a Catalan dish (the name of which I do not recall - I blame it on the Bourbon [I've been emulating my hero, Stephen Colbert, tonight]), but Stephen's dish didn't turn out the same as José's, so he called it Shrimp and Pasta Soup. (see: https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/chef-jose-andres-stephen-colbert-073500692.html) While I think I'd rather eat José's version, I would be interested to try Stephen's attempt. He said the pasta was crunchy, which would give it a different texture than I have ever found in any pasta dish I have ever eaten. I might have to give it a try, and see what I can do with some gluten-free pasta. It sounded wonderful. 

April 25, 20/20

Today, I awoke with my back only as sore as its usual morning discomfort. I managed to function through the day, and have made no further progress than that.

April 24, 20/20

When I awoke this morning, my back and hips had reached a crisis. I could barely stand, so I decided it was time to get my Disc Decompression Exerciser out again. I hung it on the outside doorknob of the bedroom door and secured it by shutting the door. Then I spread a towel on the floor and vently lowered myself onto that towel. I carefully rolled onto my back and heard many pops and snaps, more than most of my chiropractic adjustments. Just lying still was painful, and felt as though my back had been broken in the middle. I got my hands and feet into the stirups of the decompressor, but try as I might, could not raise my hips from the floor until maybe five minutes later. When I was able, I did a starting exercise of five repetitions of 10 second stretches. That felt to be the extent of my stamina.

During the day, I contacted our chiropractor and was assured that I could come in for an adjustment next week, and I wrote of my condition on facebook, following it early in the afternoon with assurance that i was feeling much better. I used the decompressor again before going to bed, and again limited  it to five reps.

April 23, 20/20

Happy Lunaversary!

In celebration of our Lunaversary, we stayed home, did nothing but attend Compline at 8PM.

I've realized that doing nothing, predominantly, is quite hard on the body. I've been doing Tai Chi in the mornings, but not with the intensity that I would have done in class, and my back and hips have been getting progressively sorer.

April 22, 20/20

We drove out to the Allergy Partners this afternoon to get Becky's second set of shots this month (she was changed from twice a week to once or twice a month). While we were sitting in the car afterwards to wait 30 minutes before leaving, as required, I had the windows open because we were parked in the sun, and it was 70 degrees outside, The breeze was pleasant, so we didn't suffer from heat. At one point, though, a mud-dobber wasp flew in through my window and landed on the DashCam. I explained to her that she had no nest here, and she really didn't want to go home with us, and even offered to give her a ride to the window on the corner of an envelop. She declined, and waved her wings to me as she flew away.

April 21, 20/20

This morning was the first of two Old Fogies [my term] shopping days this week - Tuesday and Thursday each week, 7 - 8AM at Publix. I had a list of six things to buy, and found only five of them. Naturally, I substituted an item for one I didn't find. Apparently nobody is stocking Mild Italian Sausage, these days, so I bought LaCroix Coconut Seltzer. Much to my dismay, there were only four cases of LaCroix seltzer on the shelves (only three when I left). I even went to a second store, Ingles, that was boasting the same early shopping for seniors on the same days, and while they didn't have the sausage, they did have some toilet paper, just not the kind we would use. Since we're not in danger of running out, I'll wait for our preferred brand and quality.

April 20, 20/20

I got up at 7AM, dressed and took the trash can to the curb. Then I made some toast, poured a glass of water and ate the toast as I read my overnight emails. Then I took the morning supplements, got the now-empty trash can in from the curb, and promptly went to sleep on the recliner. I awoke again about 11:30, but only because I kept running out of air. Aparently sleep apnea happens to me when I sleep on the recliner, too. 

When 7:30 rolled around, we attended 1807s home presentation of violin & cello duets, one by Allen Krantz and the other by Nicolo Paganini. Both works were fun to hear and, of course, well played.

Immediately afterward, we attended Compline, then watched the news and our game show (only one, now, because the other is in rerun until after the Isolation.

April 19, 20/20

The Second Sunday of Easter was celebrated with Rite II Eucharist. There were no problems with the technology, and while we were at home (save for the priest, organist, cantor and technician), it was a good period of corporate worship. Afterward, we "attended" the Virtual Coffee Hour, saw our friends and extended warm greeting to them. Then I decided that we need some improved lighting for our Zoom connection. I found our little clip-on lights that we had bought for our Kindles many years ago. They still work, but they don't provide much light. I'll order some brighter LCD lamps, and maybe then we'll be properly illuminated.

April 18, 20/20

We both left the house, today, having been offered some Tahini Baked Cauliflower. We drove to Suzanne's house, stayed for an hour for a cuppa and some conversation with her and her brother Gregg, then got the package of TBC and our large jar in which we had stored some pasta (wheat and egg type) that we couldn't eat. We had taken it to her because her brother, Brian, loves pasta. So now we can store our gluten-free pasta in it.

Brian's cat, Wyatt, has lost about 50% of his body weight since the last time I tried to pick him up, about two months ago. He is almost literally skin and bones, but he still gave me a cuddle and head rubs. He's an old cat, and while it looks as though he's starved, He eats as much as he did before. In fact, Suzanne told us that he cleaned out her bowl of cauliflower and other things vegetable in nature. That isn't a normal diet for a cat, but he attacked it as though he hadn't eaten in a month and licked the bowl clean. He's such a sweet cat (mellowed in his old age).

I did hear the sound of the board being knocked around in the basement, this morning, but it was much quieter than before. One of these days, I'll have to get adventurous and go find out what board that is, where it's supposed to be, and maybe figure out a way to make it behave completely. I'm pretty sure it isn't a floorboard.

April 17, 20/20

This morning I heard two more "water hammers" in the basement, so I called the furnace people again. They came out shortly after noon, and the technician (a different one, today) went into the basement and eventually found a board that was being blown around by the wind (we have open vents in the basement). He secured it as well as he could, and now I shouldn't hear it any more, he said.

I went to the store, using my new face mask, and found that even though they have One Way signs posted on the aisles, I wasn't the only one going the wrong way. It sure makes it rough when you only have three items to buy, and they're all on aisles leading to the rear of the store. You have to go down one aisle, pick up the one item, then go to the next aisle to return to the front, then go down the second aisle and get one more thing, then to a third aisle to go back to the front, and finally down the third aisle. Naturally, I went down the wrong aisle a few times, after I figured out the one-way system, so I got lots of exercise.

April 16, 20/20

I had a visit from Champion Comfort for routine maintenance on the furnace. First, they called to make sure that we were not exhibiting symptoms of the virus (which we are not), then they ensured that their maintenance personnel are checked before they are sent out to make sure they are not showing symptoms, then they assured me they would be wearing masks and shoe coverings if they did enter the house. 

It's all blather, of course, designed to give a false sense of secutiry, since the virus is spread mostly by people who do not display symptoms. Nevertheless, it had to be done, so I graciously thanked them for their caution and let it go at that. The maintenance was done quickly enough, and the technician did not enter the living space of the house, only the basement.

Later in the evening, I heard what I interpreted as a water hammer, but we were not running water at the time. Since this was something I hadn't heard previously, naturally I associated it with the maintenance done on the furnace. 

April 15, 20/20

Happy Ides of April!

Also, my son turned 50 years old today! Happy David Day!

We didn't do much today. I spent much of the day on the computer, reading emails from the Linux Users Group, not understand a word of what they had to say. It's amazing how much people have to say when I don't have a chance of understanding. 

Compline started on time, tonight. The last two nights, I was able to log in somewhere after the reading of the Psalm, maybe just two or three minutes late. The trouble is, I logged in as soon as I had a "Live" link to click on. It looks like that problem has been properly addressed.

April 14, 20/20

I went to the grocery store today to buy some necessities: Eggs; Milk; Butter; and TP. While our chosen brands were not available in all cases, there were items in each category. Then I went to the pharmacy to purchase other necessities: Vitamine K and Co Q-10 400mg. There was no 400mg CoQ-10 to be had, but I did get the V-K.

Ok, that took an hour of my day. I did a lot of napping, today, trying to catch up on Monday morning's deficit. Now, of course, I am not ready to go back to bed, yet. I knew that would happen, but I don't have to get up early tomorrow, so it doesn't much matter.

I learned a new trick on the computer, but it isn't perfected, yet. I had the opportunity to be asked if I could open a file that was a .webarchive. It turns out it has to be opened with the Safari browser (Apple/Mac). Since there isn't a Safari browser for Linux, and probably won't be one ever, I had to load Wine (a Windows Emulator) and RuninLinux, then load Safari 5, a windows version of the browser. After all that, I was able to open the file. I couldn't print it (I got a blank page when I tried), I couldn't save what I saw (nothing happened when I tried), I couldn't copy and paste (I got a black square when I tried). I forgot to try to Print Screen to get the image. Maybe I'll try that tomorrow.

April 13, 20/20

Happy Easter Monday!

At a quarter past midnight, I was in bed, had not been asleep long, when I was awakened by difficulty breathing. The problem was that the power had gone off, hense my CPAP, instead of helping to force air into my airway to splint it open, it had, effectively, restricted the air getting into my nose. It took a few seconds to realize I needed to remove the head gear, and when I did is when I also noticed that my phone was buzzing as though it was ringing (I have it set on DoNotDisturb, and even so it will awaken me if I get a phone call in the night). Little did I know that the phone doesn't want to be plugged in when there's no power applied. When I pulled the charging cord from the phone, it stopped buzzing.

As is our habit when the power goes off, we spend time on the recliner-loveseat until it comes back on. Normally it takes less than an hour to get power back, because if we lose power, so does the Baptist Home (retirement or nursing or old folks home) down the hill has also lost power, and they need it back ASAP. After two hours, though, my neck was sore and neither of us had slept, so we went back to bed. It was the first time in about three years that I had slept without the CPAP, and guess what - I had no trouble. I awoke at 6:30, dreaming about being summoned to a warehouse where I was to be surprised by three types of birds singing at the same time. I was only hearing one type, the blue ones, and then I realized that I wasn't dream-hearing them, but the birds outside were singing so loudly that I knew I was not going back to sleep, so I got up.

I had an appointment to have our furnace serviced (routine) at 8 AM, and not knowing if I would have power by then, I sent an email to say I needed to reschedule. Shortly after 8 AM I received a call from the maintenance company, and the appointment was moved to Thursday.

The power came back on at 9:44 AM, and the first order of business was to brew a pot of coffee (potta caife, in Irish).

April 12, 20/20

Happy Easter! Alleluia, He is Risen!

The Lord is Risen, Indeed! Alleluia!

Our church service was streamed on YouTube, and we were ready with Bells to ring during the repetitions of Alleluia, Celebrated Bread that Becky made yesterday, and some Chocolate Shoppe Wine that I had bought at World Market (seems like a year ago with the quarantine). The Bread and Wine were consecrated remotely by the priest and consumed in the usual way of the church. It was a very different Easter celebration, but far better than I had imagined. Certainly better than no "corporate" worship at all.

Afterware, we tuned in via Zoom for a Coffee Hour, during which we finished off the wine I had poured before church. There were about 18 people signed into Zoom for the chat, and one parishioner who is in Alaska! Wow, what a "gathering".

Then, as we enjoyed our untraditional Easter dinner of Hot Dogs and Potato Chips, we watched Hook on TV. I had forgotten how much fun that movie is. I especially enjoyed Peter Banning whistling for his phone and digging it up toward the end, then throwing it out the window.

April 11, 20/20

Holy Saturday!

We had a great day, today, with nothing much to do. After Lunch, though, I did venture out to the street to photograph our green and purple lawn. It's my Cover Photo on facebook, so if you want to see it, goto https://www.facebook.com/liam.smith1. The purple is Common Bugle, which some have told us is "just a weed," but we don't discourage its growth because the bees love it. They have already begun harvesting the pollen from it, and they will continue until I get tired of the rest of the weeds growing too tall and have to resort to mowing. Usually, after I mow the purple blossoms, they are done for the year, so I try to delay that as long as possible. The Bugles have been spreading further on the lawn, and this year are on the driveway side of the bushes, as well as on the opposite side of the driveway. 

Becky baked some "Celebrated Bread," today, and while it isn't as soft and cohesive as I had expected, it did have a good flavor. It's a bit crumbly, so we'll have to keep a plate under our chins when we eat it. We'll give it a good testing tomorrow morning. Our Interim Priest, when he consecrates the wine and bread in the church for the clerical team (usually less than five people) at the church, he also gives a remote sanctification to whatever bread and wine home-bound worshipers may have with them so that they can participate in communion, too. The Bishop has given a special dispensation for such remote sanctification of elements. Tomorrow, being Easter Sunday, will be the first time we will participate in that blessing, using today's bread and a bottle of wine that we've been saving for just such an occasion.

We "Attended" Compline again, tonight, and since we've grown accustomed to that evening rite, we might find ourselves continuing it even after the Isolation is lifted.

April 10, 20/20

Good Friday, Everybody!

Good deal #1:

When it came time for the Good Friday service on our church's YouTube channel, I was waiting for it on the television YouTube station (#371 on Dish), but it wasn't there. There was no way I could browse YouTube there, so I fired up the computer and got to the church's Channel - and the service was already there, so I went back to the TV and found that the service was about to start there, too! It was a very long, but meaningful service.

Good deal #2:

After that service was over, I was reading email when I got a pop-up saying the church was LIVE on facebook. I clicked that link and "Attended" Compline. I had thought there wouldn't be two evening services, so I was tickled to see it. It felt like payback for the services I missed this week.

That's about it for today.

April 09, 20/20

Maundy Thursday!

I think the Internet has died.

Last night, we tuned in to "Attend" Compline, but it wasn't there.

Tonight we tuned in to "Attend" Maundy Thursday services, and it wasn't there, either. It was supposed to be there at 7:00 PM, but there was a notice that said waiting until 8:22. By 8:30, still no service, and there was an error message, "Something is wrong!" Do you think so???

Then I received a message "from" someone at church, asking me to purchase an Amazon gift card for his niece. Something about his Amazon account being unresponsive and he was maxed out on his cards. Oh, and the email address had the correct name, but the wrong ISP.

Not only that, but I was trying to find a post I had written on April 3, but it doesn't exist, at least not on my timeline - anywhere. Maybe I just THOUGHT I had written it.

April 08, 20/20

I arose early, started the laundry, did my morning mental exercises, and by the time I was done, Becky was up. We "watched" the morning news, so to speak (I played solitaire and Becky read Facebook), and by the time the laundry was done, it was lunch time.

The afternoon was, similarly, devoid of much activity, but when the evening rolled around, we were watching Wheel of Fortune. Someone picked up the $10,000 sedge, which meant that "someone at home also won", but instead of announcing the winning ID Number, all we got was music and a rather goofy expression on Pat Sajak's face (which on its own is normal, but with only music in the background just looked goofier than usual). We both had to log in to find that neither of us was the winner.

There was no Compline tonight, which was either another mistake, or we weren't informed that there would be none (which would be a different mistake) or we forgot there wouldn't be one tonight (the worst kinda mistake - our fault). So with nothing else to do, we watched Jeopardy.

April 07, 20/20

This morning saw us making a trip to the store again. First order of business, examine the toilet paper shelves and see if anything's on them. Much to my unexpectant eyes, there were small 6-packs of TP - and a sign saying that I could buy ONE package. Ok, so I bought one. Next I looked for potato chips, and I found those, also.

With that done, I was on to the real reason for our excursion. We drove to Suzanne's and picked up a container of Split Pea Soup! We spent only a few minutes, each standing six feet away from each other to comply with the State mandate of caution, and then we returned toward home, stopping only at the church to place an offering envelop into the collection basket.

When we got home, we had a mid-morning nap, then some of the soup, above, for lunch. It was delicious. One day we may learn how to make it the way Suzanne does, but this is not that day.

We puttered the rest of the day away watching various programs and videos on the TV, then tuned in to "Attend" Compline. With that done, we continued watching game shows and the Curse of Oak Island.

Right now, Ghost Nation is being recorded, but that will only give us something to watch tomorrow. Ghost Nation is some of the same members of the old Ghost Hunters team who do much the same as they did in the old show, but with a more modern twist. They are more interested in identifying the haunts, if haunts there be, but also teaching the residents how to live with it or send it away. They're quite fun to watch. Two of the team, Jason Hayes and Steve Gonzalves, we had met with a meet-n-greet at the Harrah's Cherokee Casino. They are just as personable in person as they appear on screen. 

April 06, 20/20

Happy Tartan Day!

As usual, I got up at 7 AM, rolled the trash can to the curb, (washed my hands), turned on the coffee, then read email.

When Becky awoke, she started writing checks and getting them ready to be mailed. When she was done, I carried them out to the mail box.

Are you thrilled, so far? Neither was I, so I took a nap.

Somewhere along the line, I awoke and found a YouTube video with the title, "Is Genesis History?" The presenter claimed that it had to be history, and he had a cadre of PhDs who backed up his claim. One was even Jewish, cited linguistic absolutes (it could NEVER mean anything else), and so forth. In the end, I was more confused than I thought I could ever be. I didn't understand much of anything they said.

Somehow I got a grip, took a strain, pulled myself together and enjoyed Lloyd & Nancy's concert, then "Attended" Compline.

Now I'm ready for bed.

April 05, 20/20

Happy Palm Sunday!

Well, we had a bit of a rocky start to our Morning Worship. The appointed time of 10:30 rolled around, the church's YouTube channel was tuned in and a static photo of the exterior of our church building was displayed. But, at 10:30, the photo went away and we wated for the interior video to be displayed - but it never came. After about 15 minutes of dead air, we got an error message, "Something went wrong," and stating that the feed was taken down by the sender. Half an hour later I read what I thought said that the broadcast was resceduled for 2:40 PM. At 2:30 I saw that the service was streamed "2 hours ago". So we watched it as recorded. It was well worth the wait.

We also watched the movie, "Hidden Figures," about Catherine Johnson, the woman behind NASAs orbital insertion and exit computations. What an emotional ride that movie gave me. It's a good thing we had tissues by our chairs!

April 04, 20/20

We awoke this morning after a wonderful night's rest, and I started my usual "vigorous day's activity," a.k.a. sitting and browsing the internet, reviewing YouTube videos, reading, and listening to music.

Then I decided I needed to update my database for KeePass on my laptop. I copied the database from my desktop to a USB memory stick, and reversed the process to replace the database in the laptop. It would have taken less than 2 minutes, had I not stopped to play some games on the desktop.

Apparently it is now becoming important to end news items on the television with, "And remember, DON'T TOUCH YOUR FACE!" I think I've heard it seven times today. I've also read three emails that ended the same way, none of them from businesses, but friends who likely know how itchy my skin has been throughout my adult life.

I'm running out of tissues from not touching my face!

Becky made some very tasty mini-pizzas for supper tonight. Our friend, Suzanne, had given us a stack of corn tortillas that she said she would never use, so we have been using them for hot dog wraps rather than the rather large gluten-free hot dog buns - the only size I've found at the stores. Tonight she used them as pizza "crust". They only got crusty around the edges, but that was all right. I ate them like tacos. The only problem was that she only made two apiece for us, leaving me more than a little hungry. Next time she'll double the recipe.

April 03, 20/20

I decided I would be a good, albeit remote neighbor, and take a couple bags of Split Peas to Suzanne, even though we're "sheltering in place" these days. She had said, on facebook yesterday, that she wanted to make some Split Pea Soup, but couldn't find any of the peas in her house. I thought, inasmuch as I'm allowed to go to the grocery store, and whereas Suzanne is, as she has been all these years, housebound, that perhaps it would be acceptable for the store to go to Suzanne. We had four bags of the peas sought, and we wouldn't miss two of them, so we took two of them to her. On the way up, we called Suzanne to let her know we were on the way, and sure enough, Elizabeth had just arrived with a bag of the peas, having driven up from Old Fort. As a result, Suzanne has three bags of peas, and will be making Split Pea Soup for about three weeks, now. She says she will prepare a "Pick Up" for us.

April 02, 20/20

We started by my driving Becky to get her shots. There were three developments:

  1. Patients must now call before appearing for their shots;
  2. Clinic hours will start at 11 AM; and,
  3. Becky needs to come in once or twice per month, rather than twice a week.

Number 3 will suit us just fine. That way, we don't have to leave the relative isolation of our home two times a week, and can even cut that to once a month. That will not only keep us out of the slip stream of the virus, not only keep her out of the falling tree pollen, but will allow us to use less gasoline. I'm not sure we can go an entire month between trips to the grocery store, but we'll see how we do.

April 01, 20/20

April Fool!

Oh, rats! I keep forgetting it doesn't work like that. I'm supposed to type a bunch of lies and stuff, then at the END I'm supposed to say April Fool! Oh, well, maybe next year, for sure.

Operating on the assumption that, as was broadcast on the news reports and on Facebook, the stores would resupply every evening in order to have goods to sell to the public the next day, I drove out to the store, arriving at opening time, 7:00 AM. Naturally, there was no toilet paper, no Clorox Sanitizing Wipes (for computers, phones, etc), and very few tissues. I didn't buy anything, but drove home again.

It was raining, today, so Becky did not go to get her second-weekly shots. Tomorrow is forecast to be clear and dry.

This is my first official Blog from the Hill. Let me know what you think of this format. I'll be working on a better Template, instead of this Plain White Wrapper, as soon as I can find a good source. So far, I've downloaded two "free" ones that were, alas, worth the price. I may have to reconnect the Windows computer again, generate a new one, then disconnect it again after I transfer it to the Linux one. So much fun!