September 29, 20/20

Happy Birthday Melinda Franks!

Once again, she's caught up to me in age, and once again, I'll have to pull ahead of her. If she truly gets as old as me, I'll have given up and gone on to a new life.

This morning, it was raining, yet we drove up to Suzanne's so she would have a masculine presence for the installation of her new dishwasher. She prepared a breakfast for us of oatmeal, blueberrys, cranberries and pecan slivers, baked. it was a very satisfying meal, and as we were drinking out coffee afterwards, the installers came and put the new dishwasher into the cavity in the cabinets that had lain empty for 20 months. When the installation was done and tested, the installers departed, and we chatted for about 45 minutes then left after helping to return the cleaning supplies to their rightful place, under the sink.

It rained all the while we were there and all the way home, then for three hours while we enjoyed lunch, then as we drove to get Becky's shots, all the while we were waiting to be sure no undue reactions and until we got home again. It's still raining!

September 28, 20/20

This morning, our Bible Study was really an hour-long tribute to two of our members who are moving to Florida. We took turns telling stories about them, what they have done for each of us, what they have meant to us, and while Becky and I are so new to the congregation (just 3 years or so) and didn't really get to know them as well as the others and so didn't have anything to contribute other than our presence and smiles and laughter, we do appreciate them for who they are and what interaction we did have with them. We're sorry to see them go, but know they are going to have a wonderful retirement in their new ministry, whatever that comes to be.

This evening was our turn to read Compline on Facebook Live, and tonight I started with one of my mother's poems. Some say it is instruction for prayer, others say it is a retelling of the birth of God's son. I get a different read each time, so I've not really made up my mind what it is, other than a fun poem to read.

September 27, 20/20

This morning, at church, we had a guest priest who delivered a sermon. It related the Jews in Egypt as slaves and then wandering through the dessert on their way to freedom to the plight of brown and black people today as they struggle toward liberty and justice for all. It was well thought out and presented, and shed a new light on today's situation.

After church, as we usually do, we Zoomed to the Virtual Coffee Hour. One other person had logged into the meeting before us, but she was no longer at her computer. Becky and I sat there staring at an empty block with a name under it, and seeing out own block with our names under it and our images inside it. After a few minutes of waiting, we left without so much as a word being said by anyone other than us.

This evening, I listened to a podcast about Quantum Immortality. As is proven already, there is still several seconds of brain activity. The speaker then discussed a theory that when we die, that residual activity is our being (or soul, maybe) transferring into a different us in a parallel universe, and therefore we don't actually die. The whole discussion was much more involved than that, and by the end of it my head was buzzing.

September 26, 20/20

On a whim, I opened a box of gluten free bread mix, reviewed the ingredients, found them all and set about to make some bread. one box of mix makes four 4" hamburger bun sized loaves. It was pretty fun to mix it up and then to squish the "discs" of dough onto the baking sheet. As an afternoon snack, Becky and I shared one of the little bun-sized loaves. They hadn't risen much while baking, but they tasted really good. They were crusty on the outside and a bit chewy on the inside. Next time I'll include a little baking soda and baking powder to get a rise out of them, and have some biscuits, instead of flat bread.

September 25, 20/20

This morning, the first thing I did was to reinstall OpenSUSE on my Toshiba computerette - twice - because the first time part of the boot routine was corrupt (through my own error, I found out). Then, when I finally got it booted up, I found that it is about twice as slow as MX-Linux, which actually makes it as slow as the old Windows 7 Starter Edition the computer came with. I immediately set about to replace OpenSUSE with MX-Linux to make the Toshiba usable again.

I just tried to boot up my desktop with OpenSUSE, but unlike other distros, you can not boot it from the DVD without installing it onto the hard drive! BOO-HISS!

I'm glad I don't have to pay for the ISOs (Operating System Installers). This one is a waste.