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Becky and I have been watching the series, Ghosts, on CBS on Thursday evenings. They said they had shown all 18 episodes, but I didn't recall seeing nearly that many (it seems they were preempted at the drop of a hat). I looked it up on the computer and found that I can watch each episode whenever I want, but for Becky to see them, too, we either have to be sitting at the desktop computer or I have to carefully aim my laptop toward her, tilting the screen to where we can both see the picture.

Well, today I learned what the HDMI port on the side of the computer can be used for - which is that I can connect it to the television and use it as a monitor. So today we watched four episodes on the television. The problem is that the sound is still through the computer, not the TV, and the computer has to be beside the TV due to cable length (shorth), so we were both straining to hear the dialog. I guess I need some external speakers for the laptop, now.