Blog from the Hill

Church this morning had us rehearsing with the choir at 9:45, going over the Psalm chant, two other chants, then the three hymns and our Anthem. Afterward, I rehearsed the readings of the lessons and ran through the Psalm quietly just to be sure that when I sang it on mic I would be able to carry it off adequately. In the service, I stepped back from the mic for the Psalm, not wanting to overshadow the choir and congregation, but I'm afraid my effort was too little. I sounded as though I was not in the best of voice to be singing into a microphone. The rest of the service went well, especially the Anthem. _ 

After church, Becky and I drove up to Suzanne's to help her do some TLC (Thanksgiving Leftover Chewing) and play four hands of Mah Jongg. I was fortunate to win the first two hands, then Suzanne won the third and Becky the fourth. We were sent home with the majority of the second GF Pumpkin Pie (most of the first still resting in our refrigerator. Brian had done a good job baking two of them for us (none of the other Thanksgiving invitees needs GF).

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