August 09, 20/20


Again, Welcome Home Mother Milly!

I had awakened at 6:45, this morning, and after doing my morning ablution, I got dressed and went into the living room to read a bit before the YouTube'd church service from our church. At 8:08am, it felt as though someone was behind my chair and forceably shoving it forward toward the television. It took me a second to realize that it was an earthquake, the third we've experienced since moving to Asheville. The jolting continued only two or three seconds, though others felt it for over half a minute. When it was over, I got up, switched on my computer and while I was waiting for it to boot up, I asked Becky, who had been taking a shower when it struck, if she had felt the earthquake, and she said, "No. When was it?" Apparently our shower was installed on shock-mounts so as not to be shaken by such things. I got onto Facebook, and my "Friends" were all chatting about the earthquake, who had felt it, who had not, and so forth. Our friend, Suzanne, who lives closer to the epicenter (Sparta NC, near the VA border) thought her ceiling was going to fall in. Becky's brother in Columbia SC said that he had felt the quake. Excitement!

At ten thirty, then, our church service started. There were four priests present, three of them were past Rectors, and then, of course, our new Rector, Mother Milly. The service went quite well. Milly pulled out all the stops, showing her strengths in Children's Time, fully engaging them (limited to two, the usual ones, Nate and William) in dialog, and telling them the Gospel story in a way they could understand it. She continued to show her strengths in the sermon, which again told the Gospel story in terms that us older kids could understand it. Fr. Gary, our Interim Rector, now retired, and one of the three priests present, served as Deacon during the Eucharist. During the Passing of the Peace, where usually, during this Great Isolation, the celebrant (priest) would pronounce the Peace and those in attendance would respond, this time, there were several people who responded in the YouTube stream to add their blessings of peace to her.

I don't usualy get emotional during church services, unless its a funeral of a friend of mine (happening more frequently, now that I'm 73 - or so), but today I found myself wiping my eyes more frequently as the service progressed. I am very pleased with the Search Committee and Vestry having called Mother Milly, as well as her acceptance of that call.