August 07, 20/20

I decided against mowing the back yard today to let my back muscles recover from mowing the front slopes. There aren't as many slopes in the back, but there are enough that I wanted to face them with rested muscles.

So instead of mowing the lawn, I decided, at Becky's request, to transcribe a hymn, Salamu Maria (Hail Mary) onto the computer so we could listen to it frequently and drive the rhythm into our heads. It's an African Tune, and the words are in Swahili. Oddly enough, when we tried to look it up on the internet, 99% of the videos we cound were a different tune. The one we did find with the right tune had no rhythmic accompaniment, leaving the articulation to the vocalists while an organ droned on in the background. No Help there. Also, I could not understand the words. So now we have it on the computer so we can play it back and learn the rhythm, and we have the words so we can learn them.

What prompted our relearning of Salamu Maria was that the Officiant of Compline, today, played an African hymn as a meditation. Becky suggested that we could sing one, since we had sung it once before. It may take a while for us to get the words back into our mouths, since it was 20 years ago when we had taught it to the choir and sung it in church, much to the delight of the Priest. It was a black congregation, and the choir had said they wanted to learn some black anthems. I don't think they were expecting us to teach them Swahili, but that's what we did. The choir loved it, and the priest liked it so much he had us sing it again. "What was that? Sing it again!"