"Are you looking at me then? or now?

I've earned a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, served 20 years in the US Navy - during which I sailed the seas on FBM Submarines, a Submarine Tender, a Spruance Class Destroyer and an old Fast Frigate, the "Fast" designation being a bit of a joke. I earned five consecutive Good Conduct Medals in the Navy, which doesn't mean I didn't do anything wrong, just that I didn't get caught at or blamed for it. I've built pipe organs, served as Administrative Assistant in a Home Owners Association, was the Office Coordinator for a floring store and was Technical Assistance Agent in a call center. I was also organist at a few churches and a Substitute organist for several others. I was Interim Organist at two others besides. Now I'm retired.

As such, I held the post as Treasurer for my former church, during which time I learned that someone who collects money for an organization is called, in old Irish, "Reachtaire," which sounds like the English word, "Racketeer," and is the likely root of that English word. In modern Irish, of course, it means Rector. After several years, though, the stress of handling money (and dealing with the IRS) got to me, causing no end of health problems. The stress level still didn't decrease after leaving the racketeering business, so I've also resigned my position as Cantor/Director of Music. Now I'm more retired.

At our present church, we are stubbornly resisting positions of responsibility, but we have joined their voice and handbell choirs. When we were deep in the Great Separation (Covid Restrictions) our Rector had retired, and our Interim Priest asked for volunteers to read Compline one night a week at 8pm. Against my better judgement, I volunteered for the Monday night gig. It was a fun thing, live-broadcast on the Church's Facebook account. Becky did it along with me which made it even more fun. Our new Rector discontinued the Compline readings when we were able to worship in the church again, so now I'm even more retireder!

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